The Lost Ark Forge of Fallen Pride Abyssal Dungeon is the second Tier 2 Abyssal Dungeon. You will need to reach item level 840 and have finished Road of Lament in order to enter.

You will find two bosses in the Forge of Fallen Pride Abyssal Dungeon. Amaus and Kaishur are these two bosses you will encounter. Additionally, the non-boss mechanics of this dungeon are straight forward; kill everything. Let’s take a deeper look at these two bosses.

Useful Items HP Potion, Whirlwind Grenade, Taunting Scarecrow

Forge of Fallen Pride - Matchmaking
Ark of Arrogance – Matchmaking Screen

Amaus Main Mechanics

Amaus has 10 health bars that players will need to knock off to complete the fight. They have 2 main mechanics that will occur throughout the fight. Overall a simple fight and shouldn’t be a hassle for most groups.

  • Area Flames – Amaus will target 1-4 players with an Area Flame attack that will explode after 5 seconds of being applied to the players. As the fight starts, only 1 player will be selected, however the longer the fight the more players that will become targeted. Have players run away from the boss and players to explode so others can stay on boss to DPS.
  • Summon Wyverns – [8 HP Bars & 4 HP Bars] Amaus will summon two Wyverns that apply burning debuffs to those hit by them. They are susceptible to Taunt and Taunting Scarecrow, so make sure to make use of them to help kill them faster. When they are summoned, you will want the group to switch DPS to them as they will buff (All stats) Amaus after being a live for a while.
Forge of Fallen Pride - Area Flame Attack
Area Flame Attack – Before exploding

Amaus Notable Attacks

  • Sword Smash Eruption – Amaus will smash their sword into the ground towards a target player while indicating a 45° attack area. When the sword smashes into the ground, it will generate an earth and fire eruption on location.
  • Raining Orbs – Amaus will absorb black energy and levitate off the ground in hopes to catch an orb in his mouth. While doing so many red orbs will fall from the sky and deal AoE damage on ground impact. Sometimes the AoE will be small, while others are larger.
  • [Counterable] Dashing Strike – Amaus flashes blue and lifts their sword up to their shoulder. Amaus then leans forward and dashes. At the end of the dash Amaus strikes the sword into the ground hitting anyone near the impact.
  • Boomerang Glaives – Amaus summons 3 glaives in front of them and sends them out in a cone shape. Shortly after being send out they come back making a bow shape for the entire attack.
  • Slash – Amaus will walk towards a player and slash them with their sword.
  • High Jump – Amaus will leap off the screen upwards and land near players. Before landing, a target-like red damage areas will appear indicating players will need to be mid or far range to avoid damage.

Kaishur Main Mechanics

Weak Against Holy – Boss will take 10% more damage from Holy Attacks.

Kaishur has 20 health bars and has a simple group wipe mechanic that doesn’t require everyone to be alive for.

  • Split Aether – [16th HP Bars & 8th HP Bar] Kaishur will split their body into a red and white Aether clones. After summoning them, Kaishur will start to gather up red or white energy for massive AoE damage. Defeat the red/white clone that matches the same color that Kaishur is building up. Upon doing so, a red/white AoE safe circle will appear on the ground for players to stand in. Kaishur will blast the entire zone with the red/white and deal massive damage to anyone not in the same color energy.
  • [Stagger] Super Charge – Kaihur will build up energy in attempt to release a large shockwave. An orange bar will appear under them. If successful, the boss will deal massive damage to everyone. Use Whirlwind Grenades and high stagger attacks to prevent the massive damage from occurring.
Forge of Fallen Pride - Wipe Mechanics
Kaishur building up White Energy and the White Aether Clone that needs to die.

Kyzra Notable Attacks

  • Aether Wave – Kaishur will swing their sword and shoot out a red Aether Wave towards a target player. At lower health, Kaishur will shoot out 2 Aether Waves at the same time. However the 2nd wave will come from the direction the first wave is going, such that they will intersect each other.
  • Lightening Strikes – Kaishur will summon 6 Lightening AoE circles around themselves that will stay up for a short period of time. At lower HP, Kaishur will additionally use more Lightening Strikes that target the players.
    • [Variant] Sword Strike – Kaishur will open with a red AoE circle on themselves and summon 5 swords up from the ground. Shortly afterwards Kaishur will cast Lightening Strikes on random players.
  • 45° Aether Strike – Kaishur will turn towards a random player and light up the ground red in a 45° cone attack. Simply move or dodge out of the way.
  • Aether Darts – Kaishur will attack-dash in a straight line towards a random direction. At the start of the dash, 5 darts will also shoot out for a cone-shape attack.
  • Clone Slash – Kaishur will create 2 simple all black clones that will attack directly of where the clones are. A quick red line AoE in front of them will appear for a quick slash attack. Shortly afterwards the clone despawn and the attack is over.

Forge of Fallen Pride Rewards

Some rewards are guaranteed (Artisan’s Faith) while others are a chance to obtain (Cards). There are also some limitations on some of the items if your item level at or above 1325.

  • Epic and Legendary Cards
  • Epic Tier 2 Earrings, Necklace, and Amulets
  • Tier 2 Ability Stones
  • 1x Random Marvelous Earth Set Item for your class
  • 12x Artisan’s Faith (Crafting material for the Marvelous Earth set)
  • *Rare or Epic (Battle/Class) Engraving Recipe
  • *Gold
  • *T2 Honing Success Books
  • *Scar of the Abyss Chest (Purchase with 40 gold after the MVP screen)

*Items can only be obtained if you are below an item level of 1325.

T2 Abyssal Dungeon Set
Marvelous Earth Set Example