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Frost Helgaia Guardian Raid

The First level 4 Lost Ark Guardian Raid you’ll encounter is the Frost Helgaia Guardian Raid. You will need to be Item level 960 to enter this Guardian Raid in Lost Ark. Find out how to take down the Frost Phoenix in our Lost Ark Frost Helgaia Guardian Raid Guide.

USEFUL ITEMS TO BRING – Whirlwind Grenade, Panacea, Flare, HP potions and Pheremone Bombs

Frost Helgaia Guardian Raid Mechanics

The Frost Helgaia Guardian Raid mechanics are very similar to the Helgaia Guardian Raid. Like Helgaia, Frost Helgaia has an ongoing Evolve mechanic that players must be attentive to as the fight continues. She also has a debuff that stacks on players throughout the Fight called Frost

Frost – Most of Forst Helagia’s main abilities will stack a Frost debuff on players. This debuff slows players and, if they reach 10 stacks, freeze them in place.


Frost Helgaia attempts to evolve, growing in size and power. She will crouch down and icy storms will swirl on the ground. These swirls will put slow stacks on players who touch the AOE. You will need to apply a STAGGER to stop her from evolving to her next phase. If you don’t, Frost Helgaia will cause AOE Ice dealing MASSIVE amounts of damage around her and EVOLVE. You can only stop Frost Helgaia from Evolving twice before she will automatically evolve so it’s important to keep track of this and run away from her as far as you can on the third time.

Frost Helgaia will continue to get more and more mechanics as he Evolves. When Frost Helgaia Evolves she will radiate a Frost AOE with several small Ice Fissures around her. You must dodge the Ice Fissures as they will automatically Freeze you.

Phase 1

  • Landing – When you first find Frost Helgaia make sure to look for gusts of wind on the ground. As soon as you see these move out of the area as she will land and create Ice Spikes.
  • Beak Slam – Frost Helgaia lifts her head, then her wings, and slams her beak into the ground causing a small AOE of frontal damage
  • Charge – Frost Helgaia Lifts her wing straight up and charges straight forward. When she glows blue, you can use a counter skill to her head to stop the cast. She will usually use Head Throw at the end of Charge.
  • Head Throw – Frost Helgai will spread her wings and quickly try to launch you over her head to her rear.
  • Tail Whip – Frost Helgaia will swip her tail in a rear AOE attack
  • Wing Whip – Frost Helgaia will look towards a wing, lift it, and slash it in a side aoe attack.
  • Wing Slash – Frost Helgaia will lift her wing and Slash Forward in an Arching AOE attack.
  • Leaping Slam – Frost Helgaia will flap her wings twice, carrying her into the sky, then slam down in an AOE attack around her. In later Phases, Frost Helgaia will do this multiple times in a row.

Phase 2

REMINDER – Frost Helgaia will use all Phase 1 mechanics as well as the Phase 2 mechanics in Phase 2. She will deal more damage and attack faster.

  • Wing Slash 2 – Frost Helgaia will lift her wing and Slash Forward in an Arching AOE attack. In phase 2 she will slash forwards, alternating each wing. Players will need to move back and forth or to her rear to avoid damage.
  • Take Flight (Charge 2) – Helgaia will take flight slowly and then charges at players. Like other charges, when she glows blue, you can still land a counter ability to her head to interrupt Take Flight. Take Flight also leave a long trail of Ice pillars on the ground. Make sure you damage these to destroy them as she does it, or they will make it difficult to traverse the battlefield as the fight goes on.
  • Blizzard – Helgaia will scream, shoot out a large gust of wind, and fly up into the sky. A blizzard will then appear directly underneath her, dealing damage and freezing players. She will then land dealing MASSIVE amounts of damage to the player underneath her. This will also stack Frost debuffs rapidly.

Phase 3

REMINDER – Frost Helgaia will use all Phase 1 and 2 mechanics with the new Phase 3 ones. She will deal more damage and attack faster.

  • Wing Slash 3 – Frost Helgaia will lift her wing and Slash Forward in an Arching AOE attack. In phase 2 she will slash forwards, alternating each wing, and then SLASH BOTH WINGS FORWARDS in an AOE that covers both her sides and her front. Players will need to move to her rear to avoid damage.

Frost Helgaia Guardian Raid Strategy

This Guardian Raid is very similar to the Helgaia Guardian Raid you completed earlier in Tier 2. It is important for players to keep track of their Frost debuffs and make sure they are cleansing before 10 stacks.

As stated above, players must also manage Frost Helgaia’s Evolve Mechanic. This can be done by stacking stagger on her as she tries to evolve while dodging the Ice Fissures on the ground. When she attempts to Evolve for the third time, make sure you run a long distance away from her to avoid getting frozen and taking heavy damage.

Avoid taking heavy damage from Blizzard and Evolve, getting too many Frost stacks and manage her Evolve attempts, and you will have no problem taking down Frost Helgaia

Frost Helgaia Loot

  • Frost Helgaia Card
  • Legendary Tier 2 Earrings, Necklace, and Amulets
  • Tier 2 Honing Material
  • Legendary Ability Stones
  • Epic or Rare Class Engraving Recipe
  • Epic Galewind Skill Rune
  • Arkesia Event Coin (if there is an active event)

Frost Helgaia Guardian Raid Guide Conclusion.

That does it for our Lost Ark Achates Raid guide.  Make sure to check out the next Guardian Raid Guide, Lava Chromanium.

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