Every MMO now days have some kind of raiding system. Lost Ark being the MMO that it is also has a Raid system for the players. But its not same as you would expect from other MMOs. Today we are going to address how Lost Ark raids work.

Lost Ark is broken into two different kinds of Raids. Guardian Raids and Abyss Raids.

Guardian Raids Basics

Much like dungeons, Lost Ark raids are similar to classic MMO raids, but also feature some unique elements. The biggest similarity is that they’re all about taking down big bad bosses as a group of 4 players.

However, there are differences make it a unique experience. Raids are usually hunts. Meaning that you’ll be chasing down just one big boss in an area. The boss will feature multiple phases, which include a ton of movement and scenery changes. Additionally, your group has only 3 extra lives. This applies to everyone in the group as a whole, so one person can use all 3, or 3 different people can use one. And finally, you are limited to being able to only use battle items during the fight.

The ultimate goal is to defeat the big bad boss in under 20 minutes. It’s done just like you might expect: do damage, don’t die, then when their HP goes to 0, get loot! However, with Lost Ark, you are unable to see the boss’ HP until the fight is over. So, stay focused because you just might be on that last 1% of health.

Abyss Raids Basics

There are differences between the Abyss Raids and Guardian Raids. The most important are that Abyss requires 8 player, have 4 extra lives, and are more demanding. You can expect a lot more learning time with your friends as with everything Abyss, it will take time to learn.

As for the similarities between them: 20 minute fights, can’t see health pools, and battle items only.

The first Abyss Raid to reach NA is the Argos Fight, which released in March 2022.

How Lost Ark Raid Work: Queue For Raids

Getting into raids in Lost Ark is actually a very simple process. For Guardian Raids, all you need to do is head to a guardian raid notice board in a capital city, pick the raid you want to do, and queue up. As for the Abyss Raid, however, you just need to head to the Abyss Raid stone instead of the notice board. Depending on the time and popularity of the raid, you’ll spend some time waiting for a group, then can head to take down the big baddie. 

Additionally, you are require to complete [Guide] Guardian Raid Qualifications Certificate. If you haven’t completed the quest yet, then just keep doing your main story quest. Eventually you will get a game notification to accept the quest and unlock Guardian Raids. As for the Abyss Raids, you need an item level 1370 before you are offered [Guide] Abyss Raid Unlocked!

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Some things to keep in mind is that raids have a time limit and there are different tiers. The lower the tier the easier it is, but the worse the loot. Meanwhile, if you don’t complete it in time, you’ll lose your chance for loot. 

The best thing about raids is that you don’t need a specific class to succeed, so now that you know how Lost Ark raids work, you can pick any class you’d like and head straight into a raid!