Today we will be going over our Lost Ark Dungeon Guide and addressing how these dungeons work in game. Dungeons are a major aspect of Lost Ark, so lets dig into “How do Lost Ark Dungeons Work?”.

How Do Lost Ark Dungeons Work?

Lost Ark dungeons aren’t all too different from dungeons in other MMOs. They are instance areas where players fight strong monsters and bosses for loot. However, there are some key differences in Lost Ark that players from games may find a bit confusing, or unexpecting.

First off, most dungeons can be either solo or done with a party of 2, 3, or 4. The difficulty of the dungeons scales up based on the number of players in a dungeon, similar to an ARPG. However, there are a few exceptions to this and the game will let you know when this happens.

How Do Lost Ark Dungeons Work: The Holy Trinity

Lost Ark doesn’t follow the Holy Trinity mechanic that other MMOs have. So, there is no Tank, Healer, and DPS group requirement. However, there are some support classes like the Gunlancer, Paladin, and Bard that can help smoothen out a run.

It is possible to run a 4 support group through content, but expect these runs to be slower than normal. Because, support classes buffs do not all stack and have reduced damage to that of other classes.

Basic: Normal and Hard

The basic dungeons in Lost Ark are ones you can find out in the world of Arkesia. These are dungeons with a static setup where the monsters and map will never change. You will encounter a majority of them on your path to Tier 1 content. But then rarely encounter then afterwards.

Normal dungeons have two different modes, normal and hard. Additionally, selecting the harder version will award you with better rarity drops. But, if you are planning to complete your Adventurer’s Tome you will need to run both versions.

Advanced: Chaos Dungeons

Next up, Chaos Dungeons unlock when you reach Tier 1 content in Northern Vern. Unlike normal dungeons, these only have one mode that scales based off item level and party size.

Make sure to check out our Chaos Dungeon Guide for a a more in-depth look at Chaos Dungeons.

Advanced: Abyssal Dungeons

Finally the Abyssal Dungeons, which you unlock after completing the quests that unlock the Tier you are accessing. For example, you will need to complete Protect the Seed of Harmony quest to access Tier 3 content. These dungeons have a required group size, mostly 4. But, some of them have a required 8.

These dungeons for those who seek a challenge in Lost Ark. Because, you are limited to only battle items and will encounter group wipe mechanics. Expect communication and team work to complete the content.

Additionally, the rewards you earn from this content depends on where you are in your progression. For example, a character in Tier 3 will not earn all rewards for Tier 1 or Tier 2.

Abyssal Dungeon UI - Shows Unobtainable Items due to item level
Abyssal Dungeon UI – Shows Unobtainable Items due to item level

And with that, we’ve covered what you could expect from the Dungeons in Lost Ark. If you enjoy our How Do Lost Ark Dungeons Work guide, share it with your friends and your family! Additionally, join us on Discord and talk with us.