There’s a lot of work for players looking to max out their characters. One key focus will be to unlock all the available Lost Ark Skill Points in order to get the most out of abilities. 

If you’re new to the game, make sure to check out our Skill Points guide to get an idea of how they work. And let’s take a look at where to go to unlock all the Skill Points scattered around the world of Lost Ark.

lost ark unlock all skill points luterra

Unlocking Skill Points from Leveling

Every character in Lost Ark has a combat level and with each level you will unlock more Skill Points. As such, when reaching level 50, you will have a total of 252 points to work with. Then an additional 60 points as you reach level 60 for a total of 312 Skill Points at max level.

For information on how to level up your Combat Levels, check out our Leveling Guide.

how to unlock all lost ark skill points

Unlocking Greater Skill Potion Points

There are currently 5 different Greater Skill Potions you can unlock in Lost Ark. These potions will yield 6 Skill Points are automatically applied when obtained. Here is how you get all 5;

Skill Potion #SourceLocationAdditional Information
1 Collect 20 Island SoulsOpher, the Lonely IslandNPC: Grandpa Opher
2Adventurer’s TomePunika 80% Completion
3Collect 8 Ignea TokensAny Major CityNPC Generally in a Tavern
4Collect 2 Omnium Star PointsNia VillageNPC: Albion
5Collect 6 Omnium Star PointsNia VillageNPC: Albion
lost ark punika all skill points

Unlocking Normal Skill Potion Points

As for the normal Skill Potions, there are currently 22 of them you can collect in Arkesia.

Adventurer’s Tomes Challenges

Skill Potion #LocationCompletion
1East Luterra70 %
*7Feiton70 %
10North Vern60 %
16Shushire50 %
17Rohendel70 %

Tower Challenges

Skill Potion #TowerFloor

Collecting Collectibles

Skill Potion #Collectibles Required
44 Giant’s Hearts
56 Giant’s Hearts
910 Giant’s Hearts
1112 Giant’s Hearts

Reputation Rewards

Skill Potion #Reputation NameLocationUna Tasks
8Choir TeacherWhispering Islet[2x] Whispering Minuet
[3x] Whispering Resonance
[5x] Whispering Heavens

Completing Quests

Skill Potion #Quest NameLocationAdditional Info
3Return TripLake Shiver WaveRequires Reputation ‘Repairing the Seal Site’ to Unlock
6Those Buried in the Dark GroundKalajaRequires MSQ Will to be complete
*7The Last Melody of a RequiemKalajaRequires 70% Feiton Adventure Tome for Levi’s Letter
12Eternal LoveNia VillageMust Complete Letters to Punika hidden quests to unlock
18A Light Cast over the Dark FieldsLuterra CastleQuest Chain that starts with Memories of Luterra at Thirain in Luterra Castle
19Eggs in the SkyTwilight MistsQuest Chain that starts with Wondrous Find at Cadri in Port City Changhun
20[Awakening] The SunsetTwilight IsleAwakening Quest Chain. Starts with [Journey] Strange Mail in Rohendel. Requires MSQ Ratik
21The Hidden RobberFrozen SeaQuest Chain that starts with The Wayward Son from the Old Pendant that is found while killing in Shushire
22The Stone of PowerSerenity IsleQuest Chain that starts with Who’s There!? from piled materials on Serenity Isle

Keeping Track of Your Skill Potions

If you have a keen eye, you may be wondering how we are keeping track of the Skill Potion Numbers. Well, thankfully it is due to an in-game feature, the Lost Ark Codex. To open the Codex, simply use the hot key [Alt + D] or open the Guides menu and select Codex.

Once you have your Codex open, you can do a search for Skill Point Potion on the top right. Alternatively, you can select the ‘Permanent Stat Increase – Skills’ option under the Character Growth section.

Upon finding the Skill Potions in the Codex, you can select them and see which ones you have or haven’t found yet. Ones you have will show a check next to them, while ones you don’t will not!

Lost Ark Codex for Skill Point Potions

That’s it. As you can see, it’s quite a long grind, with a ton of things to do and collect. Unlocking Lost Ark Skill Point is more of a journey, directly leading you all over the world. Make sure to enjoy it and best of luck in-game!