Much like any MMO, leveling is a vital part of Lost Ark. By leveling up you slowly progress your character and slowly learn your new skills. In this short guide, we will help you figure out the best way to level up to level 50.

Thankfully, the process is actually fairly straightforward! If you’re new or old to the game, that is fine. This is our Lost Ark leveling guide, while making sure you don’t miss anything important. 

Lost Ark Leveling Guide: Level 1-35

We’ll split the Lost Ark Leveling Guide into two portions: 1-35 and 35-50. There are key indicators on when you make the ‘switch’ and in leveling process we’ll break these down. 

From level 1-35 you’ll need to follow your main story quests. This is an orange ‘arrow’ marker that you’ll see on your mini-map and map. These quests follow the main story of Lost Ark and if you’re looking to rush to max level you can blindly follow the orange markers around until around level 35. 

There are also four other quest icons to make note of while leveling. Three of these are exclamation marks: one is yellow, one is purple, and one is yellow with a chain. The yellow exclamation mark is a side quest that provide you with more lore.

Meanwhile, the purple and chain quests are very important. These two quest types give powerful rewards, such as extra skill points or a permanent stat boost. You can go back to do these later or do them while completing the main quest.

Additional quest icons may appear, such as the pink rapport quests. You can skip them and do them later if you desire. Do however, keep in mind that the quest log limit is 20, so try not to horde quests to-do-later.

Lost Ark Leveling Guide: Level 35-50

Around level 35 you’ll reach a point in your story where you can begin to sail the vast ocean. This will change your orange quest markers to blue globe markers. So, start following those blue quests. You can find a rough guide of where to go in our map below:

Its completely possible you will reach 50 before reaching North Vern as these main quests give a lot of experience. So, if this happens, just keep following your main story quest so you can keep unlocking content for end game.

Lost Ark Leveling Guide: 5060

Level 50 is the softcap of Lost Ark and things start to get harsh for leveling. Additionally, don’t stress out if it feels really hard, because it should be.

Focus on getting to Tier 3 content sooner than later. Check our progression guide for more information on that. Completing the main story quests along the way will award you enough experience to reach level 52. From here you will be able to unlock the training camp at your stronghold that you will use to level up alts 50-60.

Once you reach Tier 3 content, you will be earning the best experience you can for your main character. It will not happen overnight, but as you play and complete content you will earn experience to level up. But if you feel like you have tons excess time with nothing better to do, run Chaos Dungeons over and over. Because you will earn combat potions at the end of the run while earning monster kill experience.

Additionally, make sure to spend your Sylmael Bloodstones every week for bonus experience.


Finally, the easiest way to reach level 50 is with a Vern Powerpass. Check out our Powerpass Guide for more information on how to boost 2 characters to level 50 for free!

As we mentioned – it’s all pretty straightforward, so best of luck reaching level 60! If you’re new to the game, make sure to also check out our guide to the Lost Ark Beginners Guide.