Welcome to our Lost Ark Beginners Guide, where we will look at the things you will want to know before playing Lost Ark. Even if you are not a new player, there maybe something you can learn from this guide!

You Can’t Change the Camera Angle 

Lost Ark features an isometric camera that prevents you from changing the camera angle. However, you can zoom in-out if desired. But that is the only thing you can change about the camera. Additionally, the game may change your camera angle while running dungeons.

Don’t worry, however, Lost Ark is still very much an MMO! This game still has features of classic MMORGPS, such as Gathering Skills, PvP, and much more.

Your Main Story Quests Are Important

Quests play a major role in Lost Ark, in-so-much that it will gatekeep you from progressing if you do not complete them. So, this game doesn’t exactly follow the older style MMO, but a more modern one where you must complete quests to progress. Additionally, the game provides Roster Quests in which you can complete once per server that unlock benefits for all your characters.

The main quest will appear as orange and you will want to follow that as long as possible. After a while, the main quest will change to a blue globe icon for you to follow. So, make sure you keep your eyes on the icons for the quests.

Check out our Leveling Guide for more information about the quests.

Classes and Advanced Classes

You may have heard at some point that Lost Ark only has 5 classes to pick from. While true, its not completely accurate as each class has an advance class associated with it! So, at the end of the day you are looking at 15 unique advance classes to pick from.

However, these classes are gender specific at this time. For example, there are no male Mages or female Warriors. But, Smilegate RPG is working towards adding both male/female versions of all the classes.

There Are Six Trade Skills

The game features 6 Trade Skills that is part of your Roster Account. Meaning, the level stays when you switch characters from main and alt. These professions include; Foraging, mining, fishing, lumbering, hunting and excavating. Before the release of the NA client, NA players were calling these Life Skills. So if you ever see someone call them Life Skills, that is why!

All of these are optional and you will unlock them while working on your story quests. These Trade Skills are really helpful and can provide some strong benefits when working on your Stronghold! 

There Are Many Currencies 

Furthermore, there are multiple currencies. So many, that we’ve made a currencies guide for them! They all have a unique uses, but you can do just fine without gathering lots of them, especially when first leveling. Here are some of the currencies and what they’re for: 

  • Silver – Used to purchase goods from normal NPCs
  • Gold – Used to trade with other players or buy Crystal
  • Pheon – Used to purchase equipment from the auction house
  • Shards – Used to upgrade gear based on the Shard’s Tier
  • Crystal & Royal Crystal (MTX) – Used to buy goods from the Cash Shop

Once again, there are many currencies in Lost Ark and the above list is just a small one of what is out there. So, make note that currencies in game may be confusing at first, but that is normal.

The Max Level is 60, But Softcap is level 50

It’s common for players to say that levels 1-50 are the tutorial levels for Lost Ark. Where you learn how to play the game and enjoy what it has to offer. Because the game really starts to pick up once you are level 50. Additionally this is the point you unlock a majority of the game content.

Initially the game level cap was level 50, but with the release of Tier 3 it went to level 60. So, when you hit level 50 and the experience greatly slows down on you, that is normal.

That’s all for our Lost Ark Beginners Guide. If you found this guide helpful or had any questions, feel free to join us in Discord and tell us! Until our next guide.