The Third Lost Ark Guardian Raid boss you’ll face is Icy Legoros.  He is an Icy Lizard with horns.  You will need to be Item level 380 to face Icy Legoros.  Find out how to take him down in our Lost Ark Icy Legoros Guide.

Icy Legoros Boss Mechanics

  • Double Slash – Icy Legoros Moves forward, doing two frontal attacks
  • Charge – Icy Legoros will glow blue (similar to Ur’nil) and then charge forward.  This attack can be interrupted with a Counter Skill.
  • Three Leaps – Icy Legoros will slam the ground, then leap three times towards a player.  The last leap will be delayed and have a larger distance traveled.  
  • Sky Jump – Icy Legoros will jump high in the sky and become invisible to players.  Players will then see a circle AOE on the ground.  Make surer to avoid the circle as this is where Icy Legoros will land.  
  • Icy Breath – Icy Legoros will spin backward then Breath a cone AOE of Ice at the players.  
  • Ice Spikes – Ice Spikes only happen after a stagger that downs Legoros.  As he gets up, Icy Legoros will do a small icy AOE attack around his body. 

Icy Legoros Guardian Raid Strategy

Similar to a lot of the other Tier 1 Guardian Raids, the Icy Legoros Guardian Raid is very simple.  The Safest spot to attack this Guardian is from his rear or back.  From here you will just need to be aware of which player he is going to charge and when he is going to use Three Leaps and Sky Jump.  

It is also important to stay clear of Icy Breath as it will freeze you.  Just remember that when he SPINS backward he is about to perform Icy Breath in a large cone in front of him.  Icy Legoros does feign Icy Breath by leaping backward without a spin.  Lastly, whenever you stagger or knock down Icy Legoros, just remember to get away from him as he gets back to his feet to avoid Ice Spikes.  Be mindful of the mechanics and you’ll have no problem downing Icy Legoros.

Icy Legoros Loot

After defeating Icy Legoros, you have the chance to collect some of these rewards:

  • Icy Legoros Card
  • Arkesia Event coins
  • Epic Earrings, Necklace, and Amulet
  • Tier 1 Honing Material
  • Epic Ability Stones
  • Uncommon and Rare Class Engraving Recipe
  • Uncommon Galewind Rune

Icy Legoros Guardian Raid Conclusion.

That does it for the Lost Ark Icy Legoros Guide.  Make sure to check out the next Guardian Raid Guide, Vertus!