The Berserker is one of the most exciting classes in Lost Ark. It’s a powerful melee Warrior, focused on high octane action, wielding a massive great-sword and is a great fit for anyone looking to smash down swarms of enemies. Much like any other class in the game, there’s a lot to learn when mastering the Berserker and we’re here to help you get the most out of the class with our Lost Ark Berserker guide. 

Berserker Leveling Guide

Leveling in Lost Ark is more of a tutorial for the class than anything else and you will have a fairly smooth experience doing just about anything. However, with that being said, there are a few things you can do to optimize your leveling experience. 

To maximize damage while leveling, you should focus all your skill points on the following skills: 

  • Tempest Slash
  • Finish Strike
  • Whirlwind
  • Shoulder Charge (for mobility)

These two skills should make up the core of your rotation, as they provide huge damage and are very easy to use. If you have any leftover points, you can use them to test out new skills.

Other than that, all you need to do is follow the story and leap into hordes of monsters to take them down. 

Best Berserker PvE Engravings and Stat Priority

There are two main builds for Berserker, which are defined by class-specific engravings and stat priority. These are Mayhem and Berserker’s Technique. 

Mayhem focuses on extending and empowering Berserker mode, which does things like increasing damage, attack speed, and movement speed, as well as reducing incoming damage. Meanwhile, Berserker’s Technique simply focuses on adding huge crits while in Berserker mode. 

Mayhem stat priority: Crit and Swiftness, at a 60/40 split.

Berserker’s Technique stat priority: Spec and Crit at a 70/30 split.

Best Mayhem Engravings:

  1. Mayhem
  2. Champion’s Tenacity
  3. Grudge
  4. Cursed Doll
  5. Keen Blunt Weapon
  6. Raid Captain

Best Berserker’s Technique Engravings:

  1. Berserker’s Technique (Level 1, then move on)
  2. Grudge
  3. Keen Blunt Weapon
  4. Awakening
  5. Cursed Doll
  6. Raid Captain

Berserker Chaos Dungeon & Cube Tripods and Skill Builds

Berserker has a very flexible build that is very powerful in both Chaos dungeons and the Cube. It focuses on classic moves like Whirlwind and Execute to maximize damage, while providing a solid amount of mobility. Additionally, you should use Chain of Vengeance as your Awakening skill.

For new players, to read these builds simply look at which skills are colored and pick the upgrades based on the small images below the names. Then, add runes to further upgrade skills.

Berserker Raid Tripods and Skill Builds

Again, when it comes to raids you can choose between Madness and Berserker’s Technique builds. There isn’t too much difference between raid builds and dungeon build, except for less of a focus on AoE abilities and effects in exchange for more single target damage. This is simply due to the nature of raids, where you’ll spend most of your time beating down one huge boss, rather than waves of monsters. 

Best Berserker Gems

Attack GemsCooldown Gems
Tempest SlashTempest Slash
Finish StrikeFinish Strike
Hell BladeHell Blade
Strike WaveStrike Wave
Sword StormSword Storm
Red Dust
Wind Blade

Best Berserker Card Sets

For Blessed Aura, you should go with:

  • We’ll Meet Again and Forest of Giants
  • OR
  • Lostwind Cliff

Best Berserker PvE Combos

In Lost Ark, skills combo together to create a powerful chain of moves that is much more effective than using each move individually. As such, there will be a huge damage difference between players who know how to get the most out of their class, and those who don’t.

That being said, most fights are very dynamic, so you won’t always be able to complete your full combo, as surviving should be the key focus. Still, here’s how a core combo looks for both Berserker builds:

Mayhem Combo

  1. Red Dust
  2. Tempest Slash
  3. Chain Sword
  4. Finish Strike
  5. Strike Wave
  6. (For Mobility) Shoulder Charge

Berserker’s Technique Combo

  1. Red Dust
  2. Tempest Slash
  3. Chain Sword
  4. Finish Strike
  5. Wind Blade
  6. Strike Wave
  7. (For Mobility) Shoulder Charge

That’s all for our Lost Ark Berserker guide. Now that you know all about the class, it’s time to get out there slay some monsters, and (hopefully) collect some amazing loot! Best of luck, Berserkers.