Welcome to our Lost Ark Deadeye guide! We’ll cover everything you need to know about playing the class in PvE content. 

Deadeye is one of the highest skill cap classes in Lost Ark, but also one of the most exciting. It’s a ranged class with a unique kit, using three different weapons to weave in intricate combos. The class is also very mobile and best fits players who like a high challenge high reward playstyle. 

Deadeye Leveling Guide

Leveling in Lost Ark is more of a tutorial for the class than anything else and you will have a fairly smooth experience doing just about anything. However, with that being said, there are a few things you can do to optimize your leveling experience. 

To maximize damage while leveling, you should focus all your skill points on the following skills: 

  • Equilibrium
  • Sign of Apocalypse 
  • Shogun Rapid Fire
  • Last Request
  • Dexterous Shot (for mobility)

While these are the recommended skills, you can level up with just about anything. The most important thing for Deadeye is that you pick one good AoE and one good single-target skill, which will allow you to take down all forms of enemies quickly. 

Best Deadeye PvE Engravings and Stat Priority

Deadeye is a class that has very polarizing class-specific engravings, one of which completely changes how the class plays. Unfortunately, this is not for the better. Of the two engravings, Enhanced Weapon and Pistoleer, only Enhanced Weapon is viable. 

This is because Pistoleer is a very limiting engraving, removing the use of the shotgun and the rifle, which removes half of Deadeye’s skills. Meanwhile, Enhanced Weapon simply increases crit chance when swapping weapons, providing a solid damage boost. As such, we’ll only be looking at Enhanced Weapon builds. 

Enhanced Weapon stat priority: Spec and Crit (at a 70/30 ratio)

Best Enhanced Weapon Engravings

  1. Grudge
  2. Enhanced Weapon (Level 1)
  3. Master of Ambush
  4. Cursed Doll
  5. Spirit Absorption
  6. Adrenaline

Deadeye Chaos Dungeon & Cube Tripods and Skill Builds

Despite only having one viable class engraving, Deadeye still sees two different builds for PvE content. The class doesn’t have the biggest skill variety, but there are small adjustments you can make to increase effectiveness in dungeons and raids.

Like most classes, there are some variations you can make, so feel free to experiment, but we’ve put together a build that’s proven to get the job done in dungeons and the cube. Also, you should use Bursting Fire as your Awakening skill.

For new players, to read these builds simply look at which skills are colored and pick the upgrades based on the small images below the names. Then, add runes to further upgrade spells.

Best Deadeye Gems

Attack GemsCooldown Gems
Quick ShotQuick Shot
Sign of ApocalypseSign of Apocalypse
Shotgun Rapid fireShotgun Rapid fire
Shotgun DominatorShotgun Dominator
Last RequestLast Request
Cruel Tracker

Best Deadeye Card Sets

You should go with:

  • We’ll Meet Again and Forest of Giants
  • OR
  • Lostwind Cliffs

Best Deadeye PvE Combos

In Lost Ark, skills combo together to create a powerful chain of moves that is much more effective than using each move individually.  As such, there will be a huge damage difference between players who know how to get the most out of their class, and those who don’t. 

That being said, most fights are very dynamic, so you won’t always be able to complete your full combo, as surviving should be the key focus. Still, here’s how a rotation can look for Deadeye

General Deadeye Combo 

  1. Grenade
  2. Cruel Tracker
  3. Dexterous Shot
  4. Spiral Tracker
  5. Equilibrium
  6. Grenade
  7. Swap to Shotgun
  8. Shotgun Rapid Fire
  9. Last Request
  10. Sign of Apocalypse
  11. Shotgun Dominator
  12. Swap Back to Pistol and restart the combo

Thank you for checking out our Lost Ark Deadeye PvE Guide! Now you should be ready to get the most out of your class and progress through the endgame in Lost Ark. We’ll keep this page constantly updated, should any changes happen.