Demon Beast Canyon is the first Tier 1 Abyssal Dungeon in Lost Ark. This dungeon serves as your introduction to more challenging four player content in the game. You will need to reach item level 340 in order to enter the dungeon. The rewards for completing this dungeon include Tier 1 Accessories, Engraving Books, Ability Stones, Cards, and materials to craft unique gear sets. 

You will encounter two main bosses in Demon Beast Canyon, and will have to defeat them in order to complete the dungeon. Corrupted Vazuela and Hideous Scarkril are the two bosses you will encounter.

Lost Ark Demon Beast Canyon

Corrupted Vazuela (First Boss Encounter) Main Mechanics

The first and easiest boss in the Abyssal Dungeon is Corrupted Vazuela. The primary mechanic to be aware of is the blood pools.

Throughout the duration of the fight, Vazuela will periodically mark a player with a blue crosshair. The boss will then spit a puddle of blood at the target. Everyone standing in the puddle will take a good amount of damage every second. Therefore, the placement of the puddle is very important. The player targeted will want to move to the edge of the area to prevent the puddles from covering the center of the battleground.

Over time the puddles will cover more ground and make it very difficult to navigate the arena. However, you can make the puddles disappear by staggering Vazuela. Under the boss’s health bar you will see a purple “stagger bar.” This bar will drain as you deal damage. Once your team is able to drain the stagger bar you will stagger the boss and the puddles will be cleared. This creates a big DPS opportunity for your group. 

Therefore, it is recommended that you bring combat items such as Whirlwind Grenades to help enhance the stagger rate of the boss. Misplacing the puddles and not having enough stagger related skills and combat items can increase the difficulty of this boss fight, so make sure you come prepared. 

Corrupted Vazuela Notable Attacks

Vazuela has a few other attacks that players should be aware of as well:

Blood Explosion – The boss will charge for a few seconds and then release an explosion of blood around itself. This attack deals a decent amount of damage and knocks players up. Dodge out of the red circle to avoid big damage. 

Roll – The boss will perform a rolling charge. Players will be able to see the attack because the path will highlight red. If you’re hit by the attack you will take a decent amount of damage and be knocked up. 

Claw – Vazuela will perform a quick swipe attack with his claws. This ability does low damage but knocks players back on hit. 

Leaping Shockwave – Venezuela will leap into the air and land back on the ground after a short delay. You will be able to see the landing spot by a red highlighted area. One second after hitting the ground, the initial impact causes a big shockwave that covers a large area around the initial landing spot. You will need to avoid this ability because it deals high damage. In order to avoid the Leaping Shockwave try to be around the edge of the red circle that forms during the initial landing. After the boss hits the ground, move a step closer to the boss prior to the shockwave occurring. 

Hideous Scarkril (Second Boss) Main Mechanics

Hideous Scarkril is the second boss encounter in Demon Beast Canyon. The primary mechanic to be aware of is the Stealth Mode of the boss. Hideous Scarkril will enter stealth mode roughly 1-2 minutes after the fight begins. When the boss is in stealth mode he will take reduced damage and will only perform spin and teleport attacks. 

Players will need to force the boss out of stealth mode and back into normal mode. In order to do this you will need to make him teleport close to each of the orbs that are near the edge of the battleground and perform the spin attack to explode the orb. This will stagger the boss. During this time your team will need to run either clockwise or counterclockwise to the next orb. Scarkril will return to normal mode after all 4 orbs have been exploded. 

You need to be aware of the combination of spin attacks and the orb exploding will deal a good amount of damage to players that are hit. In order to prevent being damage make sure to move or dodge towards the next orb as soon as the boss teleports to the orb that you are on. 

Hideous Scarkril Notable Attacks

Hideous Scarkril has a few other attacks that players should be aware of:

Leeching – Most of the boss’s attacks have a chance to apply a leeching circle around a player. Once the circle appears it will take a few seconds for it to trigger and deal damage. If you’re targeted by one of these circles make sure to move away from other players until the circle disappears or you will deal damage to anyone in the circle. 

Chain – The boss will throw a chain towards a player. It will deal damage on hit and knockback the player. Being further away from the boss increases your chances of getting hit by this attack.

Teleport – Scarkril will teleport close to a player and will activate a frontal attack immediately followed by a spin attack. Both of these deal small amounts of damage and knock up players on hit. 

Orbs – Scarkril shoots 5 orbs in a wide cone. These orbs deal low damage and stagger players that are hit

Shockwave – Scarkril will channel for a few seconds to prepare for the frontal cone attack. Once channeling is complete he will unleash a shockwave in front of him. This attack will deal a decent amount of damage and knock players up on hit. During the channel players can deal free DPS to the boss. 

Vacuum – Scarkil stands still and activates a vacuum on both sides of his body in a cone. Standing in the area affected will deal a low amount of damage to players in the area. The animation for this ability is long, giving players a good opportunity for DPS. 

Mortar – Scarkil summons large explosions on the ground at random locations. If you’re caught in one of the explosion circles you will take a decent amount of damage and be knocked up. 

After defeating Hideous Scarkril you will have completed the Demon Beast Canyon Abyssal Dungeon.