Omnium Stars are late-game rewards in Lost Ark that you are able to obtain once you finish the main quest line in Punika. You can earn up to 6 rewards total once you collect all of Lost Ark’s Omnium Stars. In this guide, we will break down how to earn each Omnium Star and what you’ll earn from each one.

How To Unlock Omnium Stars

To get access to the Omnium Star Rewards, you must first reach Tier 3 and Complete the Punika Main Story Quest Line. Once you complete this, you will unlock a quest named “Whispering Star” and be introduced to Albion, a White Dragon located in Nia Village in Punika.  

#1 Complete “Whispering Star” Quest 

The “Whispering Star Quest is unlocked once you complete the Punika Main Story Quest Line. Go to Albion to accept the quest. Complete it and earn your first Omnium Star!

#2 – Complete Pond Of Purification Una’s Task 21 Times

This Omnium Star will take you a while to Earn.  You will need to complete the Daily Una’s Task named Pond Of Purification.  The quest doesn’t take long to complete but it will at least take you 21 days to do it enough times to Earn The Omnium Star.  Make sure you start completing these as soon as you finish the Punika Main Story Quest Line.

#3 – Level Nia’s Report to Trusted

This Omnium Star can either be really easy or really difficult depending on if you saved up your Reputation Gain Items as you leveled up.   If you do not have access to these items, you will need to complete all of Nia’s quests, which will eventually require you to have both 330 Wisdom and Kindness to accept, which will take a very long time to achieve.

To bypass this requirement, you will require anywhere from 12 to 17 Legendary Report Gifts. To complete this step, you will first need to level Nia up to Friendly rank 1 between 2000 and 9499.

It is IMPORTANT to note that once you pass 9499 in Friendly Level 1, you can no longer gift items without completing the Quest that requires 330 Wisdom and Kindness

Next, you will need to gift a large number of Legendary Report Gifts all at once. Each Legendary Gift gives 2000 rep and you will need to push all the way from Friendly 1 to Trusted in one exchange. This generally takes around 11000 reputations per level so to gift the correct amount you will need to take 22000 + the amount you have left to rank up Friendly Level 1. The minimum amount of Legendary Rep Gifts this could take is 12. Make sure you do the math correctly as there is NO GOING BACK

#4 – Purchase from Spearfish Hunting Guild Vessel for 8016 Sun Coins

Earning this Omnium Star is pretty straightforward. Take 8016 Sun Coins to the Spearfish Hunting Guild Vessel in the Sea of Procyon just outside of Punika.  There are many ways to earn High Seas Coin Chest Such as Islands, Procyon’s Compass, and Seasonal Events such as the Grand Prix.  

#5 Defeat Moake, World Boss in Punika Field

This is another difficult Omnium Star to Unlock. You will need to be at least item level 1370 with a large number of other people to take down Moake. If you are a part of a large company, you can head over there together or you can try channel hopping or using global chat to try to find a group. It’s important for your group to be careful not to reset the boss as this fight can be quite long.

#6 – Drops from Garden of Despair Boss, Stella

To complete this step you will need to first earn a Garden of Despair Key from the Daily Quest on Anguished Isle. Once you do enter the Garden of Despair Dungeon and kill the boss named Stella for a chance to drop the Sixth Omnium Star.

Omnium Star Rewards 

The Rewards you gain from earning Omnium Stars are extremely valuable and something that you will eventually want to unlock as they include items like Greater Skill Point Potions and the Wealth Skill Rune.It is important to note that even though the Omnium Stars are numbered 1-6, you will earn these rewards by the amount of Omnium Stars you collect.  

1 Omnium Star – Stat Increase Potion

2 Omnium Stars – Greater Skill Point Potion

3 Omnium Stars – Overwhelm Skill Rune

4 Omnium Stars – Greater Stat Increase Potion

5 Omnium Stars – Wealth Skill Rune 

6 Omnium Stars – Greater Skill Point Potion