Welcome to our Lost Ark PvP Tier List. We’ll be taking a look at all the classes available on Lost Ark’s western release and ranking them in terms of power level in the most popular PvP mode, 3v3. It is structured in the usual tier list format, ranking classes from S to F tier, depending on how good they are. 

It’s important to note that developer’s Smilegate have stated that PvP is currently not as balanced as they like. This means some classes are simply better than others and while every class is still viable in PvP, if you’re up against an S-Tier comp as a C-Tier comp, you’ll have a bad time (assuming equal skill level). You may want to pick a higher tier class if you want to climb the ranks, as PvP features ranked rewards like skins (which are usually only attainable with higher-tier currencies like Gold) and other goodies.

Tier lists are also almost always quite controversial since people tend to rank classes based on different factors. For us, we’ll be ranking classes by: viability in 3v3, utility, damage, defense, and difficulty. We’ll also make sure to keep this list up to date, as we will definitely see classes move up and down the rankings as the game receives updates and patches. 

You can find our full tier list below, followed by a brief rundown of why each class fits that rank. 

Lost Ark PvP Tier List

S-Tier Classes 

  • Bard
  • Paladin
  • Deathblade

A-Tier Classes

  • Gunlancer
  • Gunslinger
  • Deadeye
  • Shadow Hunter 
  • Sorceress
  • Soulfist

B-Tier Classes

  • Berserker 
  • Artillerist
  • Sharpshooter
  • Wardancer

C-Tier Classes

  • Scrapper
  • Striker

Lost Ark S-Tier PvP Classes

There are just three classes in S-Tier, making it one of the lowest populated tiers. This is because the three classes in this tier are just that powerful, with their kits bringing a ton of useful stuff, while most other classes specialize in one specific thing. 

Paladin and Bard are the only supports in the game so far and the utility they bring is game-changing. Between shields, healing, damage reduction, crowd control, and even notable damage, both classes are just absolute top tier. No other classes even come close to bringing as many benefits to a PvP team and all the best teams will feature a Bard or Paladin. Check out our guides to see how to get the most out of Bard and Paladin in PvP.

The other S-Tier class is Deathblade. This class has a ton of benefits in PvP – it brings a team buff, multiple Superarmors (to ignore crowd control), tons of damage, and very quick animations. It’s a great aggressive class and a good Deathblade is incredibly hard to stop. Find out how to master it with our Deathblade PvP guide

Lost Ark A-Tier PvP Classes

A-Tier is the largest in our tier list. This is simply because there are a lot of classes that are very good in PvP, bringing either their own unique benefits, or a solid all-round toolkit. 

Gunlancer kicks off A-Tier, being the go-to disruptor class. The Gunlancer is naturally tanky and also provides some shields and damage reduction buffs. This, combined with a skillset full of crowd control, makes it a perfect disruptor. It’s quite hard to kill a Gunlancer and while they won’t be bursting anyone down, they do a great job of making it difficult for the enemy team to do anything.

Up next is Gunslinger. This class is one of the best damage dealers in Lost Ark PvP, having a decent amount of defensives, while being full of damage and burst. The class is also very mobile, although it is one of the most difficult ones to master due to its mechanics.

The Deadeye joins its female counterpart in A-Tier. Deadeye is very similar to Gunslinger, with just a handful of different skills between the two classes. This class is a little weaker against ranged classes due to its focus on short-ranged abilities, while Gunslinger is a little weaker against melee.

Shadow Hunter earns its spot in A-Tier for multiple reasons. It’s a hybrid class that focuses on poking from both ranged and melee, as well as being good at supporting its team with its ranged abilities. Shadow Hunter does suffer from a lack of Superarmors, but makes up for it with the rest of its kit.

Sorceress is a very strong class, focusing more on ranged poking and setting up teammates rather than fully on damage. The class is able to make plays safely from a distance, with many crowd control skills under their belt. With that being said, Sorceress can also bring some dangerous damage once mastered, with its only real weakness being squishiness.

Last but not least is Soulfist. This class makes it to A-Tier for two big reasons. First, it provides a massive amount of crowd control, allowing a good Soulfist player to set up and peel for their team over and over. The other reason is Soulfist’s burst – the class has one of the highest burst windows in the game and can provide massive damage in phase 3 of Hype. However, it does lack damage outside of its burst window.

Lost Ark B-Tier PvP Classes

B-Tier of our Lost Ark PvP tier list features four classes, all of which are still good choices. The classes are mostly down here because of a specific weakness, but if you like them don’t be discouraged, as you can still be competitive with these classes.

First up is Berserker. The class brings very high damage and some strong Superarmors, however, it suffers in multiple ways. It’s quite slow and has very long cooldowns, which means it can be quite predictable and it’s vital to strike at the perfect time. Berserker also doesn’t bring much crowd control, which is quite important in PvP.

Artillerist is a decent PvP class but it has some glaring weaknesses which put it at B-Tier. The perks of it is that it has one of the highest burst potentials in the game, with its main combo being absolutely devastating. However, hitting the combo is difficult, especially against good players. The class is quite slow and very predictable, as well as easily countered. If you’re watching out for its burst and get out of it, it doesn’t do much at all.

We see another Gunner in B-Tier with Sharpshooter. The class has a few advantages, including long-range, good crowd control, and stealth to catch players off guard. However, its big skills suffer from high cooldowns, its biggest burst (Snipe) is crit dependent, it’s quite squishy, and overall a little clunky.

Wardancer closes out B-Tier. It brings a few useful things to PvP, like damage reduction for its team and general tankiness. However, it has quite a few downsides. Wardancer lacks proper hard crowd control effects, as well as Superarmors. It’s also infamous for mana issues. . 

Lost Ark C-Tier PvP Classes

We finish off the list at C-Tier, with two classes that are definitely the weakest at the moment. If you’re a fan of these you’ll still be able to win and perform decently well, but there are alternatives that can get the job done easier or better. 

Scrapper is our first C-Tier class. It places down here due to being very vulnerable to crowd control and interruptions. It’s very easy to hit a Scrapper once and completely throw them off their combo, while there’s not much the class can do about it. There are some advantages to Scrapper, including decent damage and solid defenses. However, it’s too easy to disrupt to be higher up the list.

Finally, we have Striker. This class is similar to the Wardancer, being the male counterpart. It exchanges tankiness for some extra crowd control, but that just makes the class a touch worse. Striker doesn’t give the team direct benefits and it’s much squishier than Wardancer, meaning it just does not do much for a team in PvP and suffers in 1v1. to learn more.

That’s it for our Lost Ark PvP tier list. Hopefully, this helps you learn about the classes in Lost Ark and maybe even pick a main heading into the western launch. We’ll make sure to keep this page up to date as balance changes come in, so make sure to tune back in to see how patches affect the strength of classes.