Welcome to our Lost Ark Soulfist guide! In this guide, we’ll be covering one of the most unique classes (if not the most unique!) in Lost Ark. 

The Soulfist is a Martial Artist advanced class, but one that differs from the rest. It focuses on an interesting mix of melee and ranged attacks, combining traditional Martial Artist moves like punches and kicks with magic and spells. The class can be fairly complicated, but it’s also known as a jack of all trades, so it’s perfect for anyone looking for a high-skill ceiling class that can do it all. 

Soulfist Leveling Guide

Leveling in Lost Ark is more of a tutorial for the class than anything else and you will have a fairly smooth experience doing just about anything. However, with that being said, there are a few things you can do to optimize your leveling experience. 

To maximize damage while leveling, you should focus all your skill points on the following skills: 

  • Lightning Palm
  • Heavenly Squash
  • Magnetic Palm
  • Deadly Finger
  • Flash Step (for mobility)

While these are the recommended skills, you can level up with just about anything. The most important thing for Soulfist is that you pick one good AoE and one good single target skill, which will allow you to take down all forms of enemies quickly. 

Best Soulfist PvE Engravings and Stat Priority

Like most Lost Ark classes, Soulfist can be split into two builds based on its class-specific engravings: Energy Overflow and Robust Spirit. These alter how the class is played, creating two unique playstyles. 

Energy Overflow focuses on having an almost limitless pool of energy, allowing the Soulfist to pump out attacks. Meanwhile, Robust Spirit focuses on Soulfists awakening ability, increasing damage and energy recovery in Hype Mode. 

Energy Overflow stat priority: Spec and Crit (at a 70/30 ratio)

Robust Spirit stat priority: Spec and Crit (at a 70/30 ratio)

Best Energy Overflow Engravings

  1. Energy Overflow
  2. Awakening
  3. Spirit Absorption
  4. Grudge
  5. Cursed Doll
  6. Raid Captain

Best Robust Spirit Engravings

  1. Robust Spirit
  2. Awakening
  3. Spirit Absorption
  4. Grudge
  5. Cursed Doll
  6. Raid Captain

Soulfist Chaos Dungeon, Cube & Raid Tripods and Skill Builds

As you may have already noticed, both Soulfist builds are incredibly similar so far, and they continue to be so. The class has a very good mix of buffs, debuffs, AoE, and single target damage all built into a few choice skills, as well as a powerful awakening ability. 

Therefore, while you can experiment and shuffle things around, we’ve put together just one build that works for both class engraving options and works very well in all types of content. You should use World Decimation as your Awakening skill.

For new players, to read these builds simply look at which skills are colored and pick the upgrades based on the small images below the names. Then, add runes to further improve skills.

Best Soulfist Gems

Attack GemsCooldown Gems
Merciless PummelMerciless Pummel
Heavenly SquashHeavenly Squash
Force OrbForce Orb
Lightning PalmLightning Palm
Energy Release

Best Soulfist Card Sets

You should go with:

  • We’ll Meet Again and Forest of Giants
  • OR
  • Lostwind Cliff

Best Soulfist PvE Combos

In Lost Ark, skills combo together to create a powerful chain of moves that is much more effective than using each move individually.  As such, there will be a huge damage difference between players who know how to get the most out of their class, and those who don’t. 

That being said, most fights are very dynamic, so you won’t always be able to complete your full combo, as surviving should be the key focus. Still, here’s how a core combo looks for Soulfist:

Soulfist General Combo

  1. Hype Mode Level 3 (When possible)
  2. Energy Release (For buffs)
  3. Merciless Pummel
  4. Shadowbreaker
  5. Force Orb
  6. Pulverizing Palm
  7. Heavenly Squish
  8. Lightning Palm

Remember to use Flash Step for mobility.  

Thank you for checking out our Lost Ark Soulfist PvE Guide! Now you should be ready to get the most out of your class and progress through the endgame in Lost Ark. We’ll keep this page constantly updated, should any changes happen.