Welcome to our Lost Ark Striker PvP guide! We’ll cover everything you need to know about playing the class in PvP content. 

The Striker is a highly mobile melee class that can be a huge nuisance to their opponents. It shines when played as a hit-and-run character, diving in and disrupting enemies, then quickly using its mobility to dive to safety. Striker is perfect for anyone looking for a highly mobile class that excels at harassing backlines. 

Best Striker PvP Stats

  • 750 Swiftness
  • 249 Domination or 249 Specialization
  • 1 Crit

The Striker follows a standard PvP stat split. It’s vital to cap out Swiftness for movement and attack speed, as well as the cooldown reduction. This is then followed by Domination for more damage, or alternatively Specialization to increase special ability effectiveness, then an optional point in Crit to allow your class to critically strike. 

Striker PvP Skill Build and Tripods

The Striker has a range of useful skills in PvP, so you can feel free to experiment with builds to see what you like and what works for your playstyle. That being said, there are a lot of strong abilities that should be included in most builds.

This build features a lot of key Striker abilities. You have a ton of different mobility skills including  Lightning Kick, Moon Flash Kick, Storm Dragon Awakening, and Sleeping Ascent Celebration. You also have Explosive Heat Awakening as your go-to Awakening skill. They all also have other uses, including good damage and some crowd control. These make your class shine and you also have slows and damage from other spells. 

Striker PvP Gameplay Tips and Combos

Striker is a mobility expert that focuses on getting in and out while disrupting the enemies and throwing down some damage. You want to be highly active and mobile with the class, disrupting enemies at key times or creating opportunities for your team to get their combos going. Overall, it takes time to learn the class and here are some Striker tips and combos to help you on your way.  

  • Prioritize Lightning Kick and Moon Flash Kick for mobility 
  • You can use Lightning Tiger Strike to both chase or retreat
  • Mix up your movement abilities to catch your opponents off guard
  • Consider enemy cooldowns before committing to a combo
  • Basic offensive combo: Phoenix Advent, Moon Flash Kick, Storm Dragon Awakening, Swift Wind Kick
  • Short combo: Sleeping Ascent Celebration, Storm Dragon Awakening, Lightning Whisper

Thank you for checking out our Lost Ark Striker PvP Guide! Now you should be ready to get the most out of your class and climb up the PvP rankings. We’ll keep this page constantly updated, should any changes happen.