The Second Raid Level 2 Lost Ark Guardian Raid boss you’ll gain access to is Narcasena.  You will need to be Item level 500 to enter the Narcasena Guardian Raid.  Find out how to defeat him in our Lost Ark Narcasena Guardian Raid Guide.

USEFUL ITEMS TO BRING – Destruction Bombs, Whirlwind Bombs

Narcasena Boss Mechanics

  • Power Charge – Passive mechanic that allows Narcasenas power and range of attacks to increase throughout the fight
  • Claw Slash – Narcasena will slam the ground with each claw, then slash in a frontal attack.
  • Sweeping Slash – Narcasena will pull his claw up in the air in then sweep his claw in one direction in a sweeping AOE attack.
  • Slashing Charge – Narcasena will “throw a fit” with his claws and then charge forward slashing along the way.  If he glows blue during this attack, you can interrupt it with a counter skill to Narcasena’s head.
  • Lunging Slash – Narcasena will raise on claw high in the air, then Leap Forward with a Lunging Slash.  You will need to dodge to the side to avoid the attack.  
  • Leaping Slam – Narcasena will cross his claws and then leap straight up in the air.  He will quickly land and cause large amounts of AOE damage.  
  • Burrowing Pursuit – Narcasena will burrow into the ground and chase a player.  You can tell what player he is pursuing by the trail of dust that follows.  He will the Leap out of the ground and slam, dealing damage.  You will need to evade once he leaps out to avoid damage.
  • Electric Eruptions – Narcasena will plunge his tail into the ground and cause bolt of electricity to erupt from the ground.  Avoid the small blue aoe areas to prevent damage.
  • Tail swipe – Narcasena will raise his tail and then do a large sweeping rear AOE attack.
  • Lightning Beam – Narcasena Raises his tail and shoots a bolt of lightning forward.
  • Narcasena’s Sting – Narcasena pierces the player with his tail dealing massive amounts of damage.  This usually only occurs when a player is stunned by Narcasena’s electricity. 
  • Lightning Storm – Narcasena creates tucks into himself, creating a Lightning Storm.  The Lightning will pursue a player.  This player will need to avoid the large AOE lightning to prevent electrocution.  
  • Brood Spawn – Narcasena will shoot a beam of light into the air and summon an Insect Brood.  Most of Brood Spawn will get downed by your normal AOE attacks and don’t require much attention.  

Narcasena Guardian Raid Strategy

Throughout the Fight, Narcasena will passively use Power Charge.  As he charges his power, his attacks deal more damage and he gains access to New Attacks.   Players can stagger Narcasena in his charged state with Whirlwind bombs or Stagger attacks.  This will cause Narcasena to fall to the ground and open up a window to Break his tail.  You will notice a Flowing Blue target on Narcasenas tail at this point.  Use Destruction Bombs or Break abilities to cut off Naracesenas Stinger and reset his Power Charge.  This will help reduce the number of Lightning Attacks he uses.

When Narcasena does get charged up he will cast Lightning Storm.  Lightning Storm will choose a player to follow around the map until it ends.  This player needs to make sure he pulls the AOE lightning chain away from the group to avoid getting other members of the party damaged/stunned.  Lightning Beam and Electric Eruptions can also stun you so make sure you are aware when Narcasena telegraphs these abilities.

Try to avoid Narcasena’s charged attacks the best you can, because if he is able to electrocute you, he will use Narcasena’s Sting.  If he does, players can use Staggering abilities or Whirlwind Bombs to free the player from Narcasena’s Stinger.  

Mind your mechanics and prevent Power Charge and you’ll have Narcasena in the grave in no time!

Narcasena Loot

After defeating Narcasena, you have the chance to collect some of these rewards:

  • Narcasena Card
  • Arkesia Event coins
  • Legendary Earrings, Necklace, and Amulet
  • Tier 1 Honing Material
  • Legendary Ability Stones
  • Uncommon and Rare Class Engraving Recipe
  • Rare Galewind Skill Rune

Lost Ark Narcasena Guardian Raid Guide Conclusion.

That does it for our Lost Ark Narcasena Guardian Raid guide.  Make sure to check out the next Guardian Raid Guide, Flame Fox Yoho.