With Lost Ark fast approaching it’s February release, it’s time to finally make a decision about the Founder’s Pack. Will you be getting one? If so, which one is the best choice? It’s a hard decision, but don’t worry, we’ll help you pick out the best Lost Ark Founder’s Pack for you. 

What’s In The Lost Ark Founder’s Packs?

Before we decide which Lost Ark Founder’s Pack is best for you, it’s vital to take note of what’s in each pack. The table below covers each available pack and what it contains. 

Head StartHead StartHead StartHead Start
Exclusive Pet1,000 Royal Crystals4,000 Royal Crystals7,000 Royal Crystals
30 Day Crystalline AuraExclusive PetExclusive PetExclusive Pet
Founder’s Title30 Day Crystalline Aura30 Day Crystalline Aura30 Day Crystalline Aura
Founder’s TitleFounder’s TitleFounder’s Title
Silver Supply CrateGold Supply CratePlatinum Supply Crate
Exclusive SkinExclusive Skin
Extra Character SlotExtra Character Slot
Plat Founder’s Skin
Exclusive Mount
Plat Welcome Crate

Some things are pretty self-explanatory – head start means you can start playing early and the Founder’s title is an in-game title. However, there are some Lost Ark-specific things that may not be so clear for new players. 

Here are some of the more specific things, and what they are: 

  • Royal Crystals These are the in-game premium currency for real-money transactions. Used to buy cosmetics from the in-game shop. 1,000 crystals are worth around $10.
  • Crystalline Aura – This is an optional subscription in-game. It gives you a variety of bonuses for its duration – these are specified on the Founder’s Pack page. 
  • Supply Crate The Supply Crate gives various in-game benefits. This includes Resurrection Feathers (lets you resurrect where you died), Silver (base currency), consumables (HP & other potions, utility items), and tools (used for trade skills)
  • Platinum Welcome Crate – This gives an exclusive in-game wallpaper (you’ll see this on the character selection screen), exclusive structure (a train you can place in your Stronghold), a Rapport Gift (increases affinity with a chosen NPC), and a Card Pack Set (extra cards for the Card system, unconfirmed which cards). 

Which Lost Ark Founder’s Pack Should You Pick?

Now that we know exactly what’s in the Founder’s Packs, it’s time to pick one. Here’s our breakdown of the packs and which one you should pick, depending on what you’re looking for. 

Best Value Lost Ark Founder’s Pack

Gold. The Gold Founder’s Pack gives the most value due to the number of Royal Crystals and other benefits, compared to its price. Essentially, 80% of the pack is refunded in Royal Crystals. 

Best Founder’s Pack For a Collector or Min-Maxer

Silver, Gold, and Platinum. If you’re a true collector or min-maxer, you actually want to pick up three Founder’s Packs. This is because the rewards stack, so you’ll be able to pick all three of the different cat pets, as well as get a ton of useful items and resources to get a tiny edge early on. 

TL;DR – Which Lost Ark Founder’s Pack Is Best?

Buy Gold for value. Silver, Gold, and Platinum if you’re min-maxing or a hardcore collector.