One of the crucial components of progression and crafting in the game are Nightingale Augmentations. Every augmentation unlocks access to recipes for one or more crafting stations. They can seem daunting and complex at first, however, once you learn how they work you’ll be utilizing them with ease.

This guide will walk you though everything you need to know about Nightingale Augmentations, including a list of every augmentation in the game and where to get them.

How to Build Nightingale Augmentations

You may notice whenever you unlock a recipe you are not able to craft the item. This means you either need need to upgrade your station or build and augmentation, or both. You can find the schematics for augmentations from essence traders, hope essences, or completing certain objectives within a realm.

Once you have obtained the schematic you can open your build menu with the default key of “B”. Then, view the augmentations section to see which available augmentations you have to craft. You can then select the augmentation you wish to build and place it on the ground. To craft it you will need to gather the required materials and build the augmentation just like any other crafting station.

Nightingale Augmentations


The area in which you place your augmentation it is incredibly important. When you select the augmentation from the build menu you can see which crafting stations will benefit from the augmentation.

Most augmentations in the game allow you to craft additional recipes for multiple stations. Therefore, you will want to build or move stations close together so you only have to craft one augmentation. Whenever you are placing an augmentation you will see a dotted line appear. This happens when you get within range of the applicable crafting station. You will see multiple dotted lines appear if you are within range of multiple crafting stations that the augmentation applies to.

If you place down the augmentation when you see the dotted lines you will then be able to craft the additional recipes at those applicable stations.

If you do not see any dotted lines or place down the augmentation without seeing the dotted lines then the augmentation will be inactive.

Nightingale Augmentations

How to Use Nightingale Augmentations

Whenever you select an augmentation from the build menu you will see that there is list under the required materials. It’s labeled “Adds new recipes to the following stations.” Some of the cards will be grayed out with a lock over them. This means you will need to unlock that recipe before you can craft it. Simply placing down the augmentation will give you the ability to craft the item. However, you must also own the recipe.

Any recipe that is colored red and does not have the lock on it will be available to craft once you build the augmentation within range of the applicable crafting station. Simply use the crafting station and you will now see the item in the list of crafting recipes.

Additionally, every crafting station has limited space for a set number of augmentations. The higher quality crafting station, the more space you’ll have for augmentations. You can check a station’s augmentation capacity by walking close to it and hovering over the station. You will several spaces with or without checkmarks. A checkmark means you have an augmentation applied to the station. The empty spaces are how many additional augmentations you can add.

Nightingale Augmentations

All Augmentations in Nightingale

You can purchase the Nightingale augmentations from essence traders within each realm. Make sure you visit all the traders within a realm in order to obtain all of the possible augmentations. Below is a list of the augmentations you can obtain in Nightingale, and which realm you need to visit in order to purchase the augmentation recipe.

Tier 1 Augmentations

Augmentation RecipeDescriptionWhere to Obtain
Felting Bucket While a bucket can be used for a variety of purposes, this one is especially practical in the process of turning fur or other natural fibres into a sturdy and softer feltDesert Antiquarian
BellowsAn invaluable device to stoke the flames of a forgeDesert Antiquarian
Simple MapA rough map of a strange RealmDesert Antiquarian
Crude Tea SetEven when out in the wilds of the Realms, a true gentleperson must be prepared for teaDesert Antiquarian
Basic SawhorseA helpful stand used to extend a work surfaceForest Antiquarian
Simple Plant PotA starter gardening pot to grow flowers and other plants inForest Antiquarian
Crude Coat RackA humble place to hang in-progress sewing piecesForest Antiquarian
Training DummyA simple dummy to practice sneaking up onSwamp Antiquarian
Simple Drinking HornA utilitarian drinking horn for those who need always be prepared for a feastSwamp Antiquarian
Strange JugA jug holding mysterious, fermenting contentsSwamp Antiquarian
Crude Chaparral Trout TrophyA crude trophy made out of the common Chaparral TroutSwamp Antiquarian
Crude SundialA basic sundial created of simple materialsDesert Astrolabe
Mining CradleUsed to pan for gold, though finding the real thing is not guaranteedDesert Astrolabe
Formula BoardA helpful board to write down in-progress formulas and other scientific musingDesert Astrolabe
Crude Ammo BoxA simple box filled to the brim with gun rounds and shellsDesert Astrolabe
Open ToolboxBuild purely for function over style, this toolbox-with its nicks and scratches-is the definition of character. A piece one need not to worry about taking a kick here or thereForest Astrolabe
Hand PlannerSlivers and splinters are the bane of any carpenter. Thankfully, ingenuity led the way with this practical tool that offers a smooth plane for all to enjoyForest Astrolabe
Simple SaddleA basic saddle for a cowboy just starting out on the rangeForest Astrolabe
Crude BeehiveA dormant beehive that may one day be revivedForest Astrolabe
Spit RoastSet over a low fire, this simple construction will allow you to roast meat slowly and evenly, giving it a perfect charSwamp Astrolabe
Ink Making SetThis set contains all the tools necessary for writing inks, including an array of pigments and ground oresSwamp Astrolabe
Mounted Creature SkullA trophy of a creature slainSwamp Astrolabe
Macabre RackA small rack used for drying potion ingredientsSwamp Astrolabe
Boat WheelA basic wheel that can be hung on the wall for a nautical themeSwamp Astrolabe
Meat GrinderOne could never have guessed that ‘the father of bicycle’–Karl Drais-would also invent the meat grinder, an item now favored by butchers near and farSwamp Astrolabe

Tier 2 Augmentations

Augmentation RecipeDescriptionWhere to Obtain
Traditional KettleBoiling water has never been easier! Have a few acquaintances over to discuss your predicaments or enjoy warm beverages in the cool of the nightSwamp Provisioner
Blasting MachineUsed as a trigger for demolition, this machine produces an electrical current that travels to the desired explosives and ignites themDesert Provisioner
Construction PressImproved stone and wood refinement is possible by adding this press to any workspace. An invaluable tool for any long-term construction projectDesert Provisioner
Rustic ToolboxGiven a proper polish, this rustic toolbox provides a sense of distinguished elegance to any home throughout the Realms. A cherished item for building a new lifeForest Provisioner
Crude GrindstoneRough hewn planks and a marred wheel give this grindstone a rustic quality for Realmwalkers who enjoy practicality over flairForest Provisioner
WheelbarrowA small wooden vehicle that allows the operator to move loaded contents with less strain on their own body. Perfect for keeping your gardening fun and not too laboriousForest Provisioner
AnvilWhat respect can any smith claim without a trusty anvil nestled by the forge? The pride and joy of any forger of metalForest Herbarium
Frying PanMade of sturdy cast iron, this frying pan will add a rich depth of flavor to every dish you cookSwamp Herbarium
Cast Iron PotYou can rely on this utensil used and trusted by all Realmwalkers. Simple to clean and-in the right hands-guaranteed to last a lifetimeSwamp Herbarium
Fishing TrapRivulets and trickling streams may provide for those who are prepared via fishing traps that lie amidst the mud and rocks so that Realmwalkers don’t have toSwamp Herbarium
PloughThis plough is meant to be pulled by a larger draught animal to loosen the soil, making it primed for seeding. One of the most essential agricultural tools throughout historyForest Gloom
Vial DisplayAstute minds require clarity should the wish to observe the nature of isolated specimens, making glass and corks prized possessions in the pursuit of knowledgeSwamp Gloom
Unsprung TrapA pair of iron jaws once destined to pierce flesh and bone in the wild. Thankfully, this piece remains permanently locked to avoid unpleasantries at homeDesert Hunt
Cooking KnifeWith its thin, sharp edge, this knife can dice, cube or chop just about anythingSwamp Hunt

Tier 3 Augmentations

Augmentation RecipeDescriptionWhere to Obtain
CannonUsed for hundreds of years, but made crucial by Napoleon during his attempt at European domination. Now decommissioned, this impressive weapon of war brings more flair than firepowerDesert Herbarium
MisterGardening decorationAscended Forest Antiquarian
Crystal BallMysterious and inviting. Power emanates from the ball and provides a glimpse of far-off Realms. But be mindful; for every place you may see, someone may be looking backAscended Forest Antiquarian
Paper PressThis heavy press compresses wood pulp into paperAscended Desert Antiquarian
Mangle MachineAn ideal home addition to wring water or press fabric. Also makes ironing a little easierAscended Swamp Antiquarian
AstrocalmereThe brainchild of an anonymous Calcularian obsessed with alien skies. Acute observations can be made of nearby heavenly bodies with these magick-infused lensesAscended Forest Astrolabe
ShieldWhen the first of our ancestors partook in the art of war, mortals one and all sought the means to defend themselves. And the shield answered the callAscended Desert Astrolabe
DistillerWhether it’s used by alchemists or spirit makers, the process of distillation is an ancient one that dates back to the Babylonians and has continued through every ageAscended Swamp Astrolabe
GrammophoneA remnant of an alluring time and place filled with festive music and dancing for those who let their imagination take them there, if only for a momentAscended Swamp Provisioner
GlobeWhile the real Earth is swallowed by the Pale, this globe serves as a reminder of what the world once was, and perhaps what it could be again.Ascended Forest Gloom
Magnifying TransmitterHarness the resonant electrical energy of the Earth-or Realms-in a marvelous display of cutting edge engineeringAscended Swamp Gloom
Wood Carvers ToolboxWith a minute touch of class, this leather-bound toolbox-adorned with metal fixing-fits perfectly amidst the shavings and sharpened pencils of a wood carver’s shopAscended Forest Herbarium
Diving HelmetFirst designed as smoke helmet for firefighters by the Deane brothers, it was soon repurposed into a diving helmet, allowing Explorers to reach previously unknowable depthsAscended Swamp Herbarium
Jaunty BicycleWhile the newer ‘safety bicycles’ in England are making these high wheelers less common, they are still the preferred way to travel for the adventurous and whimsical of heartAscended Forest Hunt
Writing DeskWriting DecorationAscended Swamp Hunt

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