Introduction to Vampire Powers in V Rising

You will have access to several Vampire Powers in V Rising. In this guide you’ll get the full list of all Vampire Powers in the game, and how to get them. Your collection of Vampire Powers can grow through completing the quests and defeating bosses.

Your Vampire Powers can be accessed by checking the Ability Menu (default key of “J”). You can equip up to 8 powers at a time on the radial menu. In order to use the powers you will need to access the radial menu by pressing the default key of “Left CTRL” and selecting the power you wish to use.

These powers are primarily used outside of combat and utilized for things such as fast travel and enslaving humans.

List of All Vampire Powers and Where to Get Them

Bat Form – You can obtain the Bat Form Power by feeding on Lord Styx the Night Campion located in the Cursed Forest. When you transform into a bat you will be able to fly over land, including many hills. This ability is great for movement, but you can not transport any materials.

Blood Hunger – You can obtain the Blood Hunger Power by feeding on Tristan the Vampire Hunter located in Farbane Woods. This power will show enemy blood types and quality above their head while it’s active. You can see this same information at the top of your screen next to your heath bar, but this ability makes it much more convenient to target valuable blood buff targets while traveling through regions.

Bear Form – You can obtain Bear Form by feeding on the Ferocious Bear located in Farbane Woods. When you use this power you will transform in to a bear increasing all resistances by 25, movement speed by 15%, and reduces damage taken by 25%. Bear from also increases passive health regeneration when out of combat.

Blood Mend – You can obtain Blood Mend from the Tutorial Quest line. When you activate blood mend you will consume 0.2 listers of blood from your blood pool per second to recover 4% of your max health. This will not restore all of your total health while in battle. There will be a portion of your health bar grayed out that you will not be able to restore until you’re out of battle.

Dominate Human – Grants you the power to subdue the mind of enemy humans. You cannot use normal spells while using Dominate Human

Dominate Mount – Grants you commanding abilities allowing you to turn horses into your eternal companions. You cannot use normal spells while using Dominate Mount. Once you dominate a mount, you’ll be able to summon it with this ability.

Expose Vein – You can obtain Expose Vein from the Tutorial Quest line. This power allows you to share your blood with other vampires. This will give them your blood type and half of your blood pool. You can use it to give an ally high quality blood at the expense of cutting your high quality blood pool in half.

Human Form – You can obtain Human Form by feeding on Bane the Shadowblade. You can use this power to trick human NPC’s into not attacking and need this power to trade with merchants. You will still take damage from the sun while in this form.

Rat Form – You can obtain Rat form by feeding on the Putrid Rat. This form will make you harder to detect by NPC’s and enemy players. You can use this form to sneak through gaps in bases.

Spider Form – Turn into a creepy spider that is able to burrow into the ground to hide from enemies and avoid the burning sun. Spider form is obtained from Ungora the Spider Queen

Toad Form – You can obtain Toad Form by feeding on Albert The Duke of Balaton. This form will allow you to jump very high. You can use it to jump up onto smaller hills and aids in Raiding enemy bases.

Wolf Form – You can obtain Wolf Form by feeding on the Alpha Wolf. This form will increase your movement speed by 45% while transformed. You can utilize this form to quickly travel around the map, and can transform into this form even while you have resources in your inventory.