What is Holy Radiation in V Rising

After you progress out of Farbane Woods into Dunley Farmlands you will find a few areas that emit Holy Radiation. This is a debuff that’s applied to your character when you’re in the area. The debuff drains your health each second until you run out of health and ultimately die. You can also leave the area to rid yourself of the Radiation.

There are yellow symbols on the entrance of areas that have the Holy Radiation Debuff, so you’ll need to be prepared when entering these areas.

Holy Radiation V Rising

How to Negate Holy Radiation in V Rising

There are certain areas you will need to get into that have Holy Radiation in V Rising. For example, Dunley Monastary in Dunley Farmlands. This area is home to one of the V Bosses, Raziel the Shepherd. You will need to negate the Holy Radiation damage you receive in order to enter these areas.

In order to negate the Holy Radiation you will need to increase you Holy Resistance. This works much like the other mitigations in the game, sun, garlic, and silver. At 0 holy resistance you will take roughly 10 damage per second. However, at 50 holy resistance you can freely roam an area filled with Holy Radiation.

The best way to increase your holy resistance is with a consumable, the Holy Resistance Potion. You will need to defeat the level 44 boss Christina the Sun Priestess in order to unlock the recipe. Once unlocked you can then use the alchemy table to craft it. It will cost you 45 Mourning Lily, 2 Scourgestone, and 1 water filled bottle to craft.

Holy Radiation Potion V Rising

Once crafted you can consume the potion to receive a buff that increases your holy resistance rating by 50 for 1800 seconds or 30 minutes. At 50 holy resistance you will take 25% les damage from Holy attacks, and negate up to 10 damage from Holy Radiation.

You can also utilize Bear Form to increase all your resistances by 25.


Holy Radiation Potion V RisingHoly Resistance PotionIncreases Holy Resistance rating by 50 for 1800 seconds (30 mins)Obtained from defeating Christina the Sun PriestessAlchemy Table

Vampire Power

Bear Form V RisingBear FormIncreases Resistances by 25, movement speed +15%, damage reduction +25%, and regenerate health quickerObtained from defeating Ferocious Bear