What is a Tailor Room in V Rising

In V Rising you can build various types of rooms for specific structures. These rooms will give you bonuses for those structures. These bonuses include things like reduced time to refine and reduced resources needed to refine. A tailoring room in V Rising will provide you with those bonuses when utilizing tailoring equipment placed within your tailoring room. To get started you will need to unlock Tailor Flooring in V Rising.

How to Unlock Tailor Flooring

To unlock the Tailor Flooring in V Rising you will need to build a Study. You will need to defeat the level 47 boss, Maja the Dark Savant, in order to get the Study structure recipe. Once you have acquired the structure you will need to place it down in your castle. This will cost you 20 scrolls, 8 reinforced planks, and 8 thick leather.

You can now use the study to unlock specific recipes after placing it down in your castle. You will do this by using scrolls or scroll books. In order to research the tailor’s flooring recipe you need to either find the specific tailor’s flooring scroll book or farm scrolls to research a random recipe for a chance to get it.

You will do this by fighting enemies, looting chests in villages/camps, and destroying barrels and crates in the Dunley Farmlands zone. You can see which areas within the zone have scrolls by hovering over those areas on the map and finding the scroll icon.

Srcoll V Rising

Building the Tailor Room in V Rising

After you have unlocked the Tailor flooring you can then enclose a room in your castle to begin constructing your tailor room. You will want an enclosed room in order to receive the “In Confined Castle Room” bonus. Then, place down the floor. To place down you floor you will need to press the default key of “B” to bring up the build menu. Then navigate to castle, floors, tailor’s floor. Each tile will cost you 4 planks and 2 cloth. By enclosing the room and laying down the flooring you will receive two bonuses. You will receive the “In Confined Castle Room” and “Has Matching Floor” bonuses.

The Confined Room bonus will decrease the crafting and refining time by 25%. The Matching Floor bonus will decrease your cost of resources by 25%. This is very important because it will take you much time and less raw material to convert into usable crafting material. For example, the amount of resources needed to craft cloth will cost 3 Leather and 9 Plant Fiber instead of 4 Leather and 12 Plant Fiber.

Tailor Floor V Rising

All Structures that can be Used in the Tailor Room in V Rising

The tailor’s room can give bonuses to the Tannery, Tailoring Bench, and Loom.

Tannery V RisingTanneryUsed for refining animal hides into leather.
Loom V RisingLoomUsed for refining fibers into various fabrics.
Tailoring Bench V RisingTailoring BenchUsed for crafting cloth armor.
Advanced LoomUsed for refining fibers into various fabrics.
Advanced TanneryUsed for refining animal hides into leather.

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