How to Find Silver Ore in V Rising

Silver ore is an essential component in V Rising for your progression. Silver ore in V Rising will be a main component for end game items. You will need it to craft silver ingots, weapons, armor and cosmetics. An iron weapon or better, preferably a mace, is needed to mine silver ore.

You will also be vulnerable to silver sickness when carrying too much silver in your inventory. You can check our How to Remove Silver Sickness in V Rising guide for more info on the silver debuff.

ItemItem NameItem Use
Silver Ore in V RisingSilver OreUsed to refine into Dark Silver Ingots, used to craft weapons, armor, and cosmetics

The Sacred Silver Mine

The best way to obtain silver ore in V Rising is to mine it from the Sacred Silver Mine. The mine is located in the Northwestern part of Silverlight Hills. This is similar to the Haunted Iron Mine, but bigger. This mine is quite large and contains quite a few elite enemies. They can definitely cause you some issues if you’re not careful while mining your silver.

Sacred Silver Mine V Rising

Once inside the silver mine you’ll find plenty of silver ore nodes. Before you start mining the nodes make sure you use a silver resistance potion. You will want to have your silver resistance as high as possible so you can carry as much ore as possible without getting silver sickness.

Make sure you clear each area before mining the nodes to avoid any issues. Take care not to stray too far from one group of enemies because you can easily pull multiple groups making things more difficult than they need to be.

Random Node Spawns

As you travel through Silverlight Hills you may find a few silver nodes scattered across the zone that you can mine. However, these nodes are much rarer than the random iron and copper nodes encountered in the other zones. This makes mining silver outside of the mine a non reliable way to obtain the resource.

Servant Hunts

After some progression in the game you will be able to obtain servants. You can send your servants on hunts to gather resources for you. This is a great way to passively get silver ore. You will need to make sure your servants are well geared and then you can send them out to the Haunted Iron Mine. Depending on how long you send them out for, and their servant traits, it’s possible for them to bring back a very nice haul of iron ore for you.

What is Silver Ore Used For

Structures and Equipment

Silver Ore is primarily used to craft Dark Silver Ingots.

To craft a Dark Silver ingot you will need to place silver ore and Spectral Dust into the Furance. To craft one Dark Silver ingot you will need 20 silver ore and 4 Spectral Dust. If you have a Forge Room the cost is reduced to 15 silver ore and 3 Sepctral Dust.

Once you have contructed an Anvil you will unlock the ability to craft Dark Silver Weapons. Each weapon costs Dark Silver ingots, reinforced planks, and a primal blood essence to craft. You can also find the recipes for the upgraded Sanguine variants of each weapon and craft them at the anvil as well. The Sanguine variants do not need any additional Dark Silver ingots to craft, but you will need the base Dark Silver weapon itself to make the upgraded Sanguine variant.

Upgrading Your Castle Heart

Dark Silver ingots are also necessary to upgrade your castle heart once you reach a certain progression level with your castle.

The Dark Silver ingots are also used in various types of cosmetic recipes for your castle.

castle heart v rising

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