How to Get a Fishing Pole

Before you can learn how to fish in V Rising you’ll need to get a fishing pole. In order to obtain a fishing pole you will need to defeat the V Boss Rufus the Foreman. Once you have defeated him you will be rewarded with the woodworking bench structure recipe, and the fishing pole recipe.

You will need to place down a woodworking bench in your castle in order to craft a fishing pole. You can build one by pressing the default build key of “B”. Then navigate to production and crafting. You will need 12 planks and 60 animal hide to place down the woodworking bench. If you have workshop room it will decrease the amount of lumber needed to create the planks.

Once you have a woodworking bench simply interact with it to bring up the crafting menu. From there you can craft a fishing pole. It will cost you 6 planks, 3 copper ingots, and 3 coarse thread to craft. Once crafted you will be ready to catch some fish.

How to Fish in V Rising

In order to fish you will need to locate a fishing spot. You can not simply walk up to a body of water and fish. Fishing spots can be located by their white bubbly spots in the water. Once you find a bubbly spot you can then equip your fishing pole and begin fishing.

To equip your fishing pole you will to have it on your hot bar and press the appropriate key. Once equipped you just need to hover your mouse over the fishing spot and left click once to cast the rod. You will need to wait a few moments until you see some big splashes appear. Once this happens you just need to left click once again to reel the fish in.

You must time your second left click during the big splashes phase. If you click too early or too late and miss your opportunity the fishing spot will disappear and you will have to wait for it to respawn or go find another fishing spot.

What are Fish Used For in V Rising

There are several different types of fish that you can catch within the game. One type is used to summon one of the V Bosses in the game, Putrid Rat. To summon this boss you will need to obtain a Twilight snapper, fish bones, grave dust, and a Vermin Nest in your castle. The Twilight Snapper can take a while to fish up so you will probably obtain quite a few other types of fish before acquiring it.

The other types of fish are still very important and you’ll want to keep them. They are used to feed your prisoners. Different types of fish have different effects on your prisoner.

They can also be salvaged for fish oil, fish bones, and scales. All of these are important ingredients for various different crafting recipes.

IconFish TypeEffectSalvages
Fat goby v risingFat GobyFeed to prisoner. The prisoner recovers 100% healthFish Bone, Fish Oil
rainbow trout v risingRainbow TroutFeed to prisoner. Reduces the prisoners misery by 5% – 10%Fish Bone, Fish Oil
sage fish v risingSage FishFeed to prisoner. The prisoner recovers 30% -70% health and the prisoners misery is reduced by 15% – 30%Fish Bone, Fish Oil
fierce stinger v risingFierce StingerUsed to craft potion of RageFish Bone, Fish Oil
twilight snapper v risingTwilight SnapperUsed to summon the Putrid RatFish Bone, Fish Oil, Scales
golden river bass v risingGolden River BassUsed to spawn spiderlingsFish Bone, Fish Oil, Scales
blood snapper v risingBlood SnapperUsed to spawn mosquitoesFish Bone, Fish Oil, Scales
swamp dweller v risingSwamp DwellerUsed to craft Witch PotionFish Bone, Fish Oil, Scales
the fish v risingThe FishUsed only to salvageFish Bone, Fish Oil, Scales