There are many different forms of fast travel in V Rising. Fast travel options include the Cave system, Vampire Waygates, certain Vampire Powers, and mounts. Currently the only type of mount players can obtain are horses. In this guide you’ll learn how to get a horse in V Rising.

Where to Find a Horse

As a new player you will begin in Farbane Woods. You typically will not find any horses in this area. You will need to travel north into Dunley Farmlands. The Dunely Farmlands has an abundance of horses. Horses can spawn in any farm area in this region. You can also find them on roads next to carts. You can easily locate horse spawn on the map by hovering over an area and looking for the horseshoe Icon. If the horseshoe icon is present then horses will spawn in that area.

Hose Location V Rising

How to Get a Horse in V Rising

Once you have found a horse you simply need to interact with it (default key of “F”) in order to ride it. You can press tab, or look in your inventory, to see additional information about your horse. Not all horses are created equal. They each have different stats including maximum speed, acceleration, and turning speed.

mount a horse v rising

You can hop off of any horse and jump onto any other horse at any time. This allows you to choose from a variety of horses if you find a large spawn so that you can choose the best one. You can look at your horses stats at any time by opening your inventory, even when mounted.

You can utilize Vampire Waygates while mounted as long as you do not have resources in your inventory.

How to Keep Your Horse Alive in V Rising

Your horse will need to be stocked with plant fibre in order to keep it alive. In order to do this you will need to simply drag plant fibre from your inventory into your horses inventory. The horse will slowly consume the plant fibre until it is all gone. If you do not keep your horse fed it will eventually begin to lose health and ultimately die.

Dominate Mount

Dominate Mount is a Vampire Power. This ability allows the player to convert a Horse into a Vampiric Steed. It takes 5 seconds to summon your vampiric steed. Dominate Mount is unlocked after upgrading your Castle Heart to Level 4. Doin this completes “A Castle reaching the Sky” quest.

A Vampiric Steed can be equipped with a Vampire Horse Saddle to increase its Maximum Speed & Acceleration stats by 1. You can then summon it to you at any time from anywhere using the Recall & Revive Companion ability, even if it perishes.

Once you have a vampiric steed it will no longer need to eat Plant Fibre, and cannot be mounted or converted by enemy vampires. While mounted, you will also gain access to the Shadow Leap ability. This allows you to jump over most objects and, when timed right, dodge projectiles and enemy abilities.

It’s important to note that only one mount can be converted at a time. If you want to convert a different horse, the existing one needs to be released. You can do this by activating the dominate mount power, and holding down your keybind for release companion. for To prevent accidental releases, the player needs to hold the ability for 4 seconds to release their companion.

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