What is Scourgestone and How to Get it

Scourgestone is a valuable resource in V Rising that is used in many different crafting recipes. It is a magic component used for crafting gear, magical objects, and consumables. As you begin to explore the tier II regions like Dunley Farmlands, you will start to find recipes that require the use of this resource. Once you reach a certain point in your progression you will need to obtain it to advance your gear score.

You can obtain Scourgestone in two primary ways. First, you can find it as a drop in Northern Dunley Farmlands. The second way you can obtain it is by learning the recipe and crafting it in your furnace. Crafting it does require a few different ingredients.

Scourgestone V Rising

Where to Farm Scourgestone

The Church of the Damned

You can farm it by heading to the Church of the Damned located in the northeast of Dunley Farmlands. It is highly sought after so farming it can be dangerous on a PvP server. So, if you choose this method on a PvP server be prepared for a fight.

At the Church of the Damned you will probably encounter a group of skeletons patrolling the entrance. Make sure you take them out as you enter because there are many enemies in the region. There are quite a few necromancers, called Bishops, that you will encounter. The Bishops spawn a lot of skeleton ads so you don’t want to get overwhelmed as you progress through the area. Make sure you kill enemies as you go so you don’t get overran. You also want to kill them all because they have a low chance to drop Scourgestone.

Church of the Damned V Rising

Undead Commander

Your main target wanders the paths in the area. He is a level 49 Undead Commander. He is a tough enemy to take down, and shouldn’t be taken lightly if you’re a solo player. If you aggro the Commander while fighting the Bishops it’s a good idea to leave the area to reset the fight if you can’t kite the Commander away. You will want to try to fight the Commander by himself. Once you kill him, there’s a high chance that he will drop up to two Scourgestones.

Undead Commander V Rising

The other areas of the zone contain more Bishops and some Skeleton Mages. Again, make sure you kill all the enemies for your best chance at Scourgestone drops. Even if they do not drop Scourgestones you will obtain quite a lot of Grave Dust, another important resource.

V Boss in the Area

You can find up to three chests in this area, with the possibility of a golden chest. There are also two additional chests that spawn near the boss in the area, Leandra the Shadow Priestess. These two chests are important because this is where you’ll find the majority of the Scourgestones while your here. You will also need to defeat this boss in order to unlock the recipe to craft Scourgestones.

Leandra the Shadow Priestess V Rising

The Cursed Forest

You can also farm Scourgestone in the Cursed Forest. This is not as lucrative as the Church of the Damned, but it can be found in this zone. Skeleton Bishops do spawn in this area, and have a low drop chance to drop Scourgestones. You will also encounter ancient villages in the Cursed Forest that may have chests with Scourgestones in them. The Cursed Forest is a much higher level area than Dunley Farmlands, so farming this area for the resource is not nearly as efficient.

Farming with Your Servants

You can also send your servants out to farm Scourgestone for you. You will need to be able to craft Servant Coffins, which cost Greater Blood Essence. Once you have a servant you will need to equip them well before sending them out to the Church of the Damned in order to improve their chances at success. Depending on how long you send them, and how geared they are you may be able to have a decent amount of Scourgestones farmed for you.

How to Craft Scourgestones

You will need to defeat Leandra the Shadow Priestess before you have the ability to craft Scourgestones. She is located in the Church of the Damned and summons many ads during the fight. Once you defeat her you will unlock the ability to craft Scourgestone, along with the Jewelcrafting table, and recipes for Scourge Pendent and Skeleton Priest.

In order to craft the Scourgestone you’ll need a furnace. It takes roughly two and half minutes to craft 1 Scourgestone. The recipe to craft the item is the following:

  • 3 Glass
  • 3 Grave Dust
  • 1 Whetstone
how to craft scourgestone v rising

Uses for Scourgestones

There are several different uses for this resource after you have acquired it. It is a pivotal ingredient for many different important recipes in V Rising.


One of the more important uses for Scourgestones is to make Gear Level 15 accessories. The Scourge Pendant, the Ruby Pendant, the Amethyst Pendant, and the Misty Necklace all require it as a main ingredient. The upgraded versions of these accessories require the use of it as well. You will need 8 Scourgestone for the upgrades, but they provide a good boost in Gear Level, up to level 18 accessories, once you have crafted them.


There are also some structures that require the use of Scourgestone. The Athenaeum is on of those structures. You will use the Athenaeum to uncover new technology and items, so it is crucial for your progression.

Dark Silver Ingots

Darksilver ingots become very important once you push into Tier III materials and equipment. You will need to defeat the boss, Octavian the Militia Captain to unlock the recipe for the Ingots and the Anvil structure, which is required to craft them. The recipe to craft Dark silver ingots is:

  • 1 Scourgestone
  • 15 Silver Ore

You will use Darksilver ingots to craft the Darksilver line of weapons which will push you further up in your Gear Level.