What are Servants in V Rising

Servants in V Rising are humans that you can control as a Vampire. They play a large part in the game, and can help you do many things. You can send them out on Hunts which will allow you to choose where you send them. This lets you farm resources passively. Servants also serve as guards for your castle. They will help you defend it against intruders. You will need to give them gear for them to be effective in either situation.

V Rising Servants

How to Get Servants

To unlock servants in V Rising you will need to progress through the main quest. You will need to complete the quest titled “Lord of the Manor” to receive the Servant Coffin Recipe. Then you need to construct your servant coffin to complete the next quest, “Servants“. In order to construct the coffin you will need 16 planks, 8 copper ingots, and 1 Greater Blood Essence. Once you complete “Servants” you will be rewarded with the Vampire Power, Dominating Presence.

You will have to have the Dominating Presence Power in order to charm a human. Charming a human will make them follow you. Once they are charmed and following you will need to take them back to your castle to the servant coffin. Only one servant can occupy one coffin. You will need to construct additional servant coffins if you want multiple servants. Upgrading your Castle Heart will allow you to place down more servant coffins.

servant coffin v rising

How to Use Dominating Presence

In order to use the Dominating Presence Power you will need to hold down the power menu key, default left CTRL, to bring up the radial menu. From there you just need to hover over the Dominating Presence power. This will change your “R” spell slot to “Kiss of the Vampire.” This ability will allow you to charm any human. You will need to get them to 30% health or under and then use “Kiss of the Vampire” to charm them.

Kiss of the Vampire is a channeling skill. Like other channeling abilities in the game you are vulnerable and can still be attacked while the skill channels. You will need to make sure you health is topped off or you are in a safe area prior to activating the ability.

Once you have your target charmed you will a pink icon above their head indicating that they are following you. You can then take them back to your castle to a servant coffin to make them your servant, or you can press “R” to release them if you find a better target.

You do not have to “babysit” your servant. Meaning, you do not have to have your servant by your side as you take them back to your castle. It’s recommended that after you charm a target you simply run back to your castle as quickly as possible. Once you get there your servant will automatically appear in your castle beside you. You can be on a horse while doing this.

Dusk Callers

You can also utilize a consumable called a Dusk caller to transport a subdued human back to the neared unoccupied prison cell within your realm. Utilizing this item summons a swarm of bats that picks up the human and takes them away.

In order to unlock the ability to craft the Dusk Caller consumable you have to kill the V Boss, Leandra the Shadow Priestess. Once you have the recipe unlocked, you can craft the Dusk Caller consumable at the alchemy station.

Types of Servants

There are several different types of servants in V Rising and there’s several different factors that attribute to what your servant can do. You will be able to see all these stats once you lead your servant back to the coffin before you convert your servant.

Blood Quality – The blood quality of your servant determines how high their expertise will be.

Expertise – The higher the expertise the higher the boost of power your servant will receive from equipment. Therefore, the higher the expertise the higher the Gear Level of your servant (once you equip them).

Blood Type – This will determine what traits your servant will be equipped with. For example, a Warrior blood type is likely to come with a fighter trait like Military tactics. There are several various servant traits that all do something different. Military tactics reduces difficulty by 100 when hunting in a fortified areas. A different perk like Humble appearance reduces difficulty by 100 when infiltrating settlements.

The reduction in difficulty allows the servant to hunt in that specific area with a lower gear score.

Faction – The faction is determined by where you found your servant or thrall in V Rising. For example, if you found them in Dunley Farmlands they are likely to come with a trait that lowers the difficulty of hunts in that specific area by 100.

Gear Level – Your servant’s gear level can be seen next to their health bar just like yours. You can also see it by interacting with your servant and viewing their stats. Their gear level determined by what gear they have equipped and how high their expertise is. This is a very important stat because this will determine how well they will perform on the missions you send them out on. The higher the gear score the better missions they can go on. Better resources are locked behind higher level areas.

servant gear level v rising

How to Equip Your Servant

In order to increase your servant’s gear score you will need to provide them with equipment. To equip your servant you will need to interact with them by pressing the default key of “F”. If you can’t find your servant in your castle just go to the coffin and summon them. You can also directly equip your servant from their coffin without them being next to you.

From the interaction screen you can equip your servant with a weapon, armor, and jewelry. Their gear level works the same way as yours does, and you can equip them with any gear you find or craft. Therefore, the better equipment you give them the stronger they will be.

All Servant Perks

Every servant will come equipped with two perks. The first on is based on their type and the second is based on their faction. The chart below outlines all the servant perks available in V Rising.

IconPerk NameDescription
Farbane Hunter V RisingFarbane HunterIncreases the amount of loot secured from successful hunts in Farbane Woods by 20%.
Dunley Farmlands Hunter V RisingDunley Farmlands HunterIncreases the amount of loot secured from successful hunts in Dunley Farmlands by 20%.
Silverlight Hunter V RisingSilverlight HunterIncreases the amount of loot secured from successful hunts in Silverlight Hills by 20%.
Cursed Forest Hunter V RisingCursed Forest HunterIncreases the amount of loot secured from successful hunts in Cursed Forest by 20%.
Gloomrot HunterIncreases the amount of loot secured from successful hunts in Gloomrot by 20%.
Ruins of Mortium HunterIncreases the amount of loot secured from successful hunts in Ruins of Mortium by 20%.
Humble Appearance V RisingHumble AppearanceReduces difficulty by 100 when infiltrating settlements.
Tracking Expertise V RisingTracking ExpertiseReduces difficulty by 100 when hunting areas inhabited by creatures and demons.
Military Tactics V RisingMilitary TacticsReduces difficulty by 100 when hunting in fortified areas.
Tenacious Strength V RisingTenacious StrengthReduces difficulty by 100 when hunting in harsh environments.
Sacred Resistance V RisingSacred ResistanceReduces difficulty by 100 when hunting in areas protected by the elements.

For more information about how to control and hunt with your servant check out our How to Use Your Servant to Hunt guide!