Silver Sickness Basics

Silver Sickness in V Rising occurs when you pick up silver ore, silver coins, or goldsun coins. This is similar to the garlic debuff, but with a different twist. Anytime you have silver in your inventory you are susceptible to the sickness. When you are carrying it you will see a white border around your screen, and will see the debuff appear.

silver sickness in v rising

What Does Silver Sickness Do

The Silver Sickness in V Rising will slowly deplete your health. The rate of depletion is dependent upon how much silver you are carrying, and if you have any silver resistance. For every 7th silver you pick up you will receive an additional stack of the debuff. If you have 1-6 silver in your inventory you will receive 1 stack. On the 7th you will receive an additional stack, giving you 2 stacks. If you have 14 you will have 3 stacks, and so on.

For example, if you are carrying 37 silver with 0 silver resistance you’ll receive 6 stacks of the debuff. With 6 stacks you will take 4 damage per second. If you have the same amount of silver coins but have 15 silver resistance you will not take any damage from the sickness debuff. This is because 15 silver resistance reduces damage taken from silver attacks by 7.5% and allows you to withstand up to 12 applications of Silver Exposure. If you push that resistance higher the more silver you can carry without taking damage.

Silver Resistance V Rising

How to Remove Silver Sickness in V Rising

You will only receive the silver debuff while carrying silver. When you remove the silver from your inventory by storing it or throwing on the ground the silver sickness will immediately disappear. However, if you need to transport silver back to your base or to a different location you will need to increase you Silver Resistance to avoid being killed by the damage over time.

How to Increase your Silver Resistance

You can utilize various methods to increase your silver resistance so you can stifle the silver debuff in V Rising. Pressing the default key of “Tab” will access your character screen. There you can view all of your resistances to the right of your character, such as, Sun, Garlic, Holy, Fire, and Silver.

If you increase your resistance to silver it will reduce the application rate in which you receive damage over time from the debuff, and will allow you to carry more silver before receiving damage. You can increase you resistance to silver by utilizing consumables, gear, and vampire powers.


Silver Resistance Potion V RisingSilver Resistance PotionIncreases Silver Resistance rating by 50 for 20 minutesObtained from defeating Wilfred the Village ElderAlchemy Table
Silver Resistance BrewIncreases Silver Resistance by 15 for 30 minutes.Unlocked at research DeskAlchemy Table

Vampire Power

Bear Form V RisingBear FormIncreases Resistances by 25, movement speed +15%, damage reduction +25%, and regenerate health quickerObtained from defeating Ferocious Bear


Hunters Cloak V RisingHunter’s Cloak+18 Max Health; +15 Sun Resistance; +15 Garlic Resistance; +15 Silver Resistance Beatrice the TailorTailoring Bench
Phantom’s Veil+24 Max Health; +15 Sun Resistance; +15 Garlic Resistance; +15 Silver Resistance; +15 Fire Resistance; +15 Holy Resistance Magnus the OverseerTailoring Bench
Silver Thread Bag+10 Inventory Slots; +200 Silver Coin Carry ImmunityChristina the Sun PriestessLeatherworking Station
Mountain Peak Bag+13 Inventory Slots; +300 Silver Coin Carry Immunity; +26 Max HealthFrostmaw the Mountain TerrorLeatherworking Station
Pristine Leather Bag+15 Inventory Slots; +400 Silver Coin Carry Immunity; +34 Max Health; +10% Resource YieldWillfred the Village ElderLeatherworking Station
Bat Leather Bag+18 Inventory Slots; +500 Silver Coin Carry Immunity; +42 Max Health; +10% Resource Yield; +25 Sun Resistance RatingGorecrusher the BehemothLeatherworking Station

You can also obtain items from drops that have silver resistance on them. These items are much like the items you can craft above, but dropped from chests or monsters. For example, the Thousand-Stitch Cloak has the same perks as the Hunter’s Cloak. However, the Thousand stitch cloak is obtained from a drop and the Hunter’s Cloak is obtained via crafting.

Hunters Cloak V Rising

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