What are Prisoners in V Rising

In V Rising you can use the Dominating Presence Ability to charm humans. Once a human is charmed you can then take them back to your castle. You can keep them as a servant and send them on hunts, have them protect your castle, or imprison them for their blood.

Putting a human in prison is an important aspect of the game. You can imprison a human that has a specific blood type that fits your build. This is also the staple way of maintaining a high quality blood buff as long as you can keep your prisoner alive. You can also have more than one V Rising prisoner at a time allowing you the option of choosing different blood types.

charmed prisoner v rising

How to Get a Prison Cell

Before you charm a human and bring them back to your castle to imprison you will need a prison cell. In order to craft a cell you will need to defeat a level 44 V Boss, Vincent the Frostbringer. Once defeated you will unlock the ability to craft a prison cell. You can then place down a prison cell in your castle. It will cost you 8 iron ingots and 2 reinforced planks to place.

Ideally you will want to build a prison room that will give your prison a bonus. The bonus will reduce the damage your prisoner takes from blood extraction by 25%. This will allow you to extract more blood from your prisoner without having to feed to regenerate their health.

How to Find a V Rising Prisoner

You will want to look for humans with a high quality of blood. The easiest way to do this is to find a horse and ride through various camps. While riding you will want to activate the Blood Hunger Vampire Ability. This will make it much easier to see the target’s blood type and blood quality.

The blood quality is random, and you can find high blood quality targets in any zone. However, as a general rule of thumb the higher the level area the more consistent you will find higher quality blood targets.

Once you have located your target you will need to damage them until they are below 30% health. Make sure you do not kill the target. If it’s a lower level enemy make sure you don’t utilize an ability or a weapon that will one shot the enemy. It’s a good idea to carry around lower level weapons with you when hunting for prisoners or servants. You can use the lower level weapon or no weapon at all to deal enough damage to charm the target with domination presence.

Once charmed you need to lead the human back to your castle. You do not have to babysit the charmed enemy back to your base. You can run full speed on your horse and quickly make it back to your castle and the target will appear in your castle with you. Then simply interact with your prison cell to imprison your V Rising Prisoner.

You can also utilize Dusk Callers in order to easily transport your prisoners back to an empty cell.

How to Manage Your Prisoner and Get Blood Buff

After you have imprisoned your charmed target you can then interact with the cell they are in to bring up the Prison Cell Menu. From here you can charm your prisoner using dominating presence. When you charm your prisoner they will follow you out of their cell. This will allow you to take them to a coffin and utilize them as a servant or lead them out of your castle if you wish. You can also choose to kill your prisoner if you want to replace them with another prisoner of higher blood quality.

You will also need to manage your prisoner’s misery. Misery increases the damage taken when extracting blood and increases each time blood is extracted. In order to reduce your prisoner’s misery you will need to feed them a specific type of fish.

v rising prison

The most important reason to keep a prisoner is for the blood buff you will receive. The blood buff acts much like a potion. You will need to have an empty glass bottle in your inventory and then select drain blood from the Prison Cell Menu. This will give you a bottle filled with blood. You can put the bottle on your hot bar and take it with you and drink it right before a boss fight or PvP encounter. This will ensure you have a high quality blood buff prior to engaging.

When you drink that blood from the bottle you will receive the blood buff. The blood buff will the be type and percentage quality from the prisoner you drained the blood from. You must be careful when draining and extracting blood. You can kill your prisoner if you extract or drain blood and their health reaches 0.

drain blood v risingBlood PotionRequires 1 Empty Glass Bottle: Tap the prisoner on blood at the cost of 30% – 60% health. Increases misery by 10% – 20%
Blood MerlotA bloody brew mixed with bitter-sweet grapes. Tap a prisoner’s blood at the cost of 25% – 50% health. Increases misery by 5% – 15%
blood essence v risingExtract Blood EssenceExtract Blood Essence from the prisoner at the cost of 10% -30% health. Increases misery by 2% – 6%
rat v risingFeed Prisoner RatThe prisoner recovers 20% – 30% health
Fat goby v risingFeed Prisoner Fat GobyThe prisoner recovers 100% health
rainbow trout v risingFeed Prisoner Rainbow TroutReduces the prisoner’s misery by 10% – 15%
Feed Prisoner Fierce StingerThe prisoner recovers 20% -30% health and the prisoner’s misery is reduced by 5% -10%
Feed Prisoner Twilight SnapperThe prisoner recovers 20% -30% health and the prisoner’s misery is reduced by 10% -15%
sage fish v risingFeed Prisoner Sage FishThe prisoner recovers 30% – 70% health and the prisoner’s misery is reduced by 10% – 20%
Feed Prisoner Blood SnapperThe prisoner recovers 50% – 75% health and the prisoner’s misery is reduced by 5% -10%
Feed Prisoner Swamp DwellerThe prisoner recovers 10% – 100% health and the prisoner’s misery is reduced by 20% – 40%
Feed Prisoner Golden River BassThe prisoner recovers 80% – 100% health and the prisoner’s misery is reduced by 15% – 25%
Feed Prisoner Irradiant GruelIncreases the blood quality of the prisoner by 1% – 2%, but has a 35% to turn the prisoner into a raging mutant. Blood quality cannot exceed 100%.