The Argent Hand can be found in Aurelian in the Undercroft. This is the second hunt you will encounter in the Undercroft, after the Archon Commander. The recommended power rating for this boss is 1,312 with a recommended group size of 3.

A group known as the Argent Hand haunts the Undercroft still. Little is known of them, save they served the highest tenets of the Order of the Silver Codex above all else.

This Wayfinder boss guide will walk you through everything you need to know about this encounter.

The Argent Hand Drops

The Argent Hand Walkthrough

The below information will walk you through the entire boss fight.

Phase 1

Whenever you enter the boss arena you will see 5 enemies floating in the air. Initially, 2 of them will float down to meet you. These enemies do not have any real mechanics to speak of. Each third of their health they will grow larger and a bit stronger, but overall they are easy to take down.

Once you defeat the first 2, the other 3 will float down. These 3 are the same as the 2 before. Once they are defeated, all 5 of them will form a summoning circle around the center of the arena. After a few seconds, the boss will be summoned.

As they are summoning you can attack them. For each on you kill, the boss that spawns will have less health.

Phase 2

The second phase of the fight begins when the Hand Rejoined is summoned into the arena. The boss has several abilities that you’ll need to be aware of:

  • Orb Summons – He will summon energy in the shape of a diamond. After a brief duration, the diamond will shoot out several damage-dealing orbs in a large cone in front of the boss.
  • Ground Slam – The Hand Rejoined will slam his hands on the ground sending out a powerful shockwave of energy. The explosion will target your location. So when you see this be ready to dodge away from your position.
  • Explosive Rain – The boss will hover in the air for a few moments and summon what looks like red rain. When this happens there will also be a large portion of the arena covered in red. Make sure you are out of the red areas to avoid getting hit by explosions.
  • Summon Circle – There will be some ads that spawn in a perform a summoning ritual. You will see the boss surround himself in energy bars. Right after that the ads will appear. During this ritual, a bubble will appear. The bubble will expand until it hits the walls of the arena. Once it does there will be a massive explosion from the center of the arena that will deal quite a lot of damage. If you kill the summoners before the bubble fully expands the explosion will not happen.

Fighting the Boss

This fight can get quite hectic at times. There’s a lot going on all at once. However, the things you need to be most aware of is the Explosive Rain ability and the Summon Circles.

Make sure you make your way out of the red areas on the ground when the explosions happen. This can be deadly.

During the summon circles make sure you tank is holding aggro on the boss. The DPS should take out the summoners as soon as they spawn. The explosion can deal significant amounts of damage so you want to make sure you kill the summoners to avoid it.

When the boss spawns what appear to be energy bars around him the summoners will appear. So, be on the lookout for that animation so you can be prepared to quickly take them out. The entire boss fight is a rinse and repeat of all the mechanics listed above. Just be aware of them and you’ll be able to take out The Argent Hand.