Helltides are World Events that occur in World Tier 3 and 4 in Diablo 4. Here, you will earn Important materials such as Forgotten Souls and TONS of End-game Loot. Learn how to obtain Aberrant Cinders and Forgotten Souls, as well as how to track down the Tortured Gifts of Mysteries in our Diablo 4 Helltide Guide

How to Unlock Helltides

Helltide zones are unlocked once you have access to World Tier 3 – NIGHTMARE. Once you hit level 50, you must complete the first Capstone Dungeon on World Tier 2 – VETERAN Difficulty.

HellTide Times and Locations

Helltides Spawn in specific locations all over the World Map. At this time, Helltides will Spawn every 2 hours and 15 minutes and last for 1 hour. Every Region has dedicated Zones where the Helltide will spawn. The zone that the Helltide spawns in will rotate with each spawn. Below is a map displaying where the Helltide spawns in each Region.

Aberrant Cinders

While Adventuring through HellTide Zones, you’ll come across Aberrant Cinders. Aberrant Cinders are the specific currency found in Helltides, used to open up special Treasure Chests called Tortured Gifts. Aberrant Cinders can be found by killing enemies, opening a chest in the Helltide zone, and Completing World Events.

At this time, the fastest way to obtain Aberrant Cinders is to move between to world events in the Helltide Zone with a Group. You can do this solo as well or follow another group of people in the open world

Tortured Gifts (Chests)

Once you obtain Aberrant Cinders, you can spend them to get end-game gear! There are many different types of Tortured Gifts available to you in the Helltides

NAMECostRewardsSecondary Rewards
Tortured Gift of Protection75Rare/Legendary/Unique Armor per name on the Tortured GIft (Tortured Gift of Chest)Fiend Rose, Forgotten Soul,
Tortured Gift of Jewelry (Ring)75Rare/Legendary/Unique RingsFiend Rose, Forgotten Soul,
Tortured Gift of Jewelry (Amulet)125Fiend Rose, Forgotten Soul AmuletFiend Rose, Forgotten Soul,
Tortured Gift of Weaponry (Light)125Fiend Rose, Forgotten Soul 1H Weapons, Off-hand, Focus, and ShieldsFiend Rose, Forgotten Soul,
Tortured Gift of Weaponry (Heavy)150Fiend Rose, Forgotten Soul 2H WeaponsFiend Rose, Forgotten Soul,
Tortured Gift of Mysteries – (BEST VALUE)250MULTIPLE Rare/Legendary/Unique Items of any TYPE Fiend Rose, Forgotten Soul,

Tortured Gift of Mysteries Locations

The Best rewards from Helltide come from the Tortured Git of Mysteries. Once you earn 175 Aberrant Cinders, use the map below to track down a Gift of Mysteries.

NOTE-THE SPAWN LOCATION OF THE TORTURED GIFT ROTATE ON THE HOUR THROUGHOUT THE HELLTIDE. There will be Two to Three locations up at one time depending on the zone.

Forgotten Souls and Fiend Rose

There are two unique materials that are only found during active Helltide Events.

Forgotten Souls

Used to upgrade your Sacred and Ancestral Gear as well as re-roll perks on your Sacred and Ancestral Gear at the Occultist. Forgotten Souls are also used to upgrade your healing potions.

Fiend Rose

used to upgrade your Healing Potions and Craft Incense. Fiend Rose can be found in

Diablo 4 Helltide Guide Conclusion

Thanks for reading the guide! Remember to Keep track of Helltide Spawns and locations with the Interactive Map and check out the rest of our Diablo 4 content!