Lost Ark came to the NA communities February 11th, but the game has been out way longer than that. We’ve took some of the popular tips from the KR and RU player base for new players that are looking to start the game. Additionally, this game has a lot to master, so it is easy to forget about things. For this guide, we will share with you 8 of our New Player Lost Ark Tips.

Lost Ark New Player Tip: Do Your Guide Quests

Guide quests are purple-colored quests, with the prefix [Guide], that will pop up on your screen while leveling. Some of these quests are for unlocking content you can access, so make sure to do them as you see them come up.

By doing these quests you will earn things like extra songs, a free pet, and even powerful trade skill tools. All of these will be beneficial on your leveling journey as they’ll give you some quality-of-life upgrades.

Lost Ark New Player Tip: Unlock Your Free Pet

Tying back into guide quests, unlocking your pet should be one of your biggest priorities. Near the start of the game, you’ll receive a guide quest called [Guide] Learning About Pets. It takes only a few minutes to do, but as a final reward you’ll receive a free pet rabbit.

Pets are incredibly useful in Lost Ark, especially early on. The biggest perk you’ll get from pets is that they’ll automatically loot everything for you! This is an incredible time saver, as well as a nice quality of life perk, since you won’t need to click on every tiny thing that drops. 

Lost Ark New Player Tip: Remember to Mount

Out of all the Lost Ark New Player Tips, this one is an easy one to forget. Mounts in Lost Ark are incredibly useful, and much more convenient to use than in other games. You unlock your mount through the main story early on, and you should be using it almost all the time from then. 

Mounting up is a near-instant in Lost Ark and mounts give a huge movement speed boost. It’s easy to forget, especially if going a short distance, but almost always worth it to mount up. 

Use Triports to Fast Travel

Speaking of moving around – don’t forget about Lost Ark’s fast travel points (Triports). They show as a triangle within a circle on the minimap and are vital for traveling long distances quickly. 

You need to remember to not only use them whenever you need to go far for a quest, but also to click on them in every new area to unlock them. It’s a terrible feeling to want to go back to somewhere, but then realizing you forgot to unlock the Triport. 

Focus On One or Two Skills When Leveling 

When you first start leveling up, you may be a bit overwhelmed by the skill system. There are a ton of skills and every level you gain more and more points to unlock more and more things. Don’t worry, it is a bit complicated! 

To make things quick and easy, you should focus on leveling just one or two skills. Generally, these should be skills with AoE damage, which will allow you to easily plow through hordes of monsters while you progress through the story. 

Use The Training Ground To Learn

If you’re unsure which skills to level, or how you want to play your character, you can always test things out in the training ground. You can access it after you find the first Ark in the main story, and you’ll get a song that can teleport you there at any time.

The training ground allows you to spend your points anywhere you’d like, giving you the option to test out any combination of skills. It’s a great tool for testing your class. So make sure to take advantage of it. 

Don’t Be Afraid To Use Common Potions! 

This is a bit of a gaming cliche, but it’s more relevant than ever in Lost Ark. Don’t be afraid to use your common potions! But, make sure to save your green rarity or higher ones for end game.

Throughout the main story, you will loot hundreds of potions. Make sure to use the common ones (Bound to F1), whether it be to stay alive or maximize your damage. That’s what they’re there for and especially with health potions, it’s better to use on than to die and have to start things over again. 

The Final Lost Ark New Player Tip: MSQ

Finally our favorite Lost Ark tip. The Main Story Quest is setup for those who want to go fast to end game. The fastest and most efficient way to level up and hit the end game is to just follow the main story. It gives a ton of experience, good rewards, and will get you where you want to go quickly.

You will miss out on some things, like the free pet, extra life skill items, and some songs, but if you do want to get to the end game ASAP, the main story is the way to go. You can always come back and unlock the things you missed later. 

Now you know these vital Lost Ark New Player Tips and ready for Arkesia. So, best of luck while leveling and make sure to enjoy your time in Lost Ark