Upgrading the rarity of your gear in Nightingale is not the only way to enhance it. You can also improve it with the use of enchantments, charms, and infusions. Nightingale Charms will add special effects and abilities on your equipment, further enhancing them.

This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about Nightingale Charms.

Nightingale Charms

What Are Nightingale Charms

Charms are items you can obtain in Nightingale that will enhance your gear. A charm can be applied to certain equipment. When applied to a piece of gear you will receive the perks and sometimes negative effects of the charm.

For example, if you were to apply the Charm of Resurrection to a piece of gear the following would occur:

  • The charm would absorb the impact of a single fatal blow, keeping the wearer alive, but destroying their held item in the process.

Every charm doesn’t have an offsetting negative effect. Some of the grant only positive bonus effects. However, there are some like the one mentioned above that have an offsetting negative effect.

In order to apply a charm to a piece of equipment you first need to have it in your inventory. Once you have it in your possession, simply right click and select apply. This will bring up a list of gear you can apply the charm to. You can only apply one charm per each piece of gear.

You can change the charm on a piece of gear if you wish. However, this will destroy the currently equipped charm and replace it with the new one. In order to see if you currently have a charm equipped to a piece of gear simply hover over the gear. If a charm is equipped you will see a slide out menu that contains the listed perks.

Nightingale Charms

How to Obtain and Craft Nightingale Charms

You can find charms from various chests located throughout the realms. However, you can also obtain the charm recipes from essence traders. Once you have the recipe you can then craft the charm.

In order to get started you will first need to craft an Enchanter’s focus crafting station. You can obtain your first Enchanter’s Focus station recipe from you Abeyance realm. Once you have the recipe you can then build the crafting station in your base and see the charms available to you to craft.

If you do not see a specific charm listed you with either need to unlock the recipe, upgrade your enchanter’s focus station, or build and augmentation for your station.

Nightingale Charms

All Charms & How to Get Them

The below list is all of the available Nightingale charms and where to go to obtain the crafting recipe. Keep in mind that in order to craft certain charms you may need to place down a particular augmentation, and/or upgrade your crafting station.

The essence cost listed below is listed by the tier of essence. For example, T1 simply means Tier 1 and the quantity required.

CharmDescriptionWhere to ObtainEssence Cost
ForceGreatly boosts the power of the wearer’s shove after blocking an attackDesert AntiquarianT1 x10
RageGreatly increases the wearer’s melee damage when they are close to deathDesert AntiquarianT1 x10
BountyGrants the wearer a chance to increase material amount harvested from any plantForest AntiquarianT1 x10
Endless FishingPrevents the wearer from growing hungry or tired while they fishForest AntiquarianT1 x10
Magick BaitGrants the wearer an increased chance to retrieve Essence while fishingSwamp AntiquarianT1 x10
MoraleGrants a damage boost to the wearer when they next emote.Swamp AntiquarianT1 x10
EssenceAfter slaying several creatures, this charm will manifest an EssenceDesert AstrolabeT1 x10
FencerGrants movement speed to the wearer when they hit a creature’s weakpointDesert AstrolabeT1 x10
SniperPrevents the wearer’s ranged damage from decreasing with distance to their targetForest AstrolabeT1 x10
FervourIncreases the wearer’s rate of stamina regeneration after slaying a creatureSwamp AstrolabeT1 x10
SpellswordIncreases the damage of the wearer’s next hit after using any enchantmentSwamp AstrolabeT1 x10
VenomGrants the wearer increased damage while poisonedSwamp ProvisionerT1 x15
FatigueIncreases the wearer’s melee damage when in need of a restSwamp ProvisionerT1 x15
BruiserIncreases the wearer’s damage based on their momentum towards their targetDesert ProvisionerT1 x15
LeaderGrants increased damage and health to the wearer’s survivorsDesert ProvisionerT1 x15
LumberjackRestores the wearer’s stamina each time they fell a treeForest ProvisionerT1 x15
PugilistIncreases the wearer’s unarmed attacks based on the quality of their glovesForest ProvisionerT1 x15
ArcaneIncreases the wearer’s movement speed after casting an enchantmentDesert HerbariumT1 x15
PatienceIncreases the wearer’s damage whenever they remain uninjured and avoid damaging an enemy for at least 5 secondsDesert HerbariumT2 x15
WindAllows the wearer to glide more quickly while using an umbrella gliderForest HerbariumT2 x15
FlankingIncreases the wearer’s damage when they strike an enemy from behindSwamp HerbariumT2 x15
BrutalityIncreases damage against enemies who are stunned or proneSwamp HerbariumT2 x15
ThornsReflects damage blocked by the wearer back to their attackerDesert GloomT2 x15
FerocityIncreases the wearer’s base damage, but makes critical hits impossibleDesert GloomT2 x15
NaiadHeals the wearer whenever they are in contact with waterSwamp GloomT2 x15
AssassinAfter landing three dagger strikes without taking damage, this Charm applies poison to the wearer’s victimSwamp GloomT2 x15
MiningRestores the wearer’s stamina after every ore node they breakDesert HuntT2 x15
DefenseIncreases the wearer’s blocking efficiency, but decreases their movement speedDesert HuntT2 x15
MeditationRestores a small amount of the wearer’s health after every successful blockForest HuntT2 x15
SteadinessIncreases the wearer’s damage after each successful ranged attack, but the increase is lost after any missed shotForest HuntT2 x15
BlindsideCauses the wearer to deal increased damage to creatures that aren’t yet in combatSwamp HuntT2 x15
TerrifierCauses the wearer to regain health and frightens nearby creatures when landing a blow on an enemy’s weakpointSwamp HuntT2 x15
AmmunitionGrants the wearer a small chance to keep their ammunition after firing a ranged weaponAscended Forest AntiquarianT3 x100
ArsenalGrants an immense boost to damage when the wearer damages one creature with three different weapon typesAscended Desert AntiquarianT3 x100
HerbivoreEnhances the nutritional value of vegetation, but poisons the wearer should they consume meatAscended Swamp AntiquarianT3 x100
BuilderIncreases the wearer’s movement speed after they complete a structureAscended Forest AstrolabeT3 x100
DestructionRefills a portion of the wearer’s health and stamina after destroying any structureAscended Desert AstrolabeT3 x100
MercyCauses the wearer’s attacks to instantly slay any creature that has been gravely woundedAscended Swamp AstrolabeT3 x100
ResurrectionAbsorb the impact of a single fatal blow, keeping the wearer alive, but destroying their held item in the processAscended Desert GloomT3 x100
BloodIncreases the power of the wearer’s enchantments, but harms the wearer with each enchantment useAscended Swamp GloomT3 x100
Called ShotsIncreases the wearer’s critical hit damage, but decreases the damage of their non-critical hitsAscended Forest HerbariumT3 x100
Dietary DefenseReduces damage done to the wearer based on how fed they are. However, taking damage will make the wearer hungryAscended Desert HerbariumT3 x100
GhoulIncreases the wearer’s speed in daylight, but prevents health regeneration. By night, the wearer’s health regeneration is increasedAscended Swamp HerbariumT3 x100
UnstoppableReduces damage dealt to the wearer, increasing in strength the more creatures they slay in a short periodAscended Forest HuntT3 x100
StealthReduces the wearer’s damage by half, but greatly increases their stealth and grants movement speed when woundedAscended Forest HuntT3 x100
MuleGreatly increases the wearer’s carrying capacityAscended Desert HuntT3 x100
LudditeCauses the wearer’s makeshift weaponry to deal obscene damage, but causes them to break more rapidly in exchangeAscended Desert ProvisionerT3 x100
PickpocketGrants a chance for enemies to drop items when the wearer strikes them from behindAscended Swamp ProvisionerT3 x100

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