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A Fae Tower is a very important point of interest in Nightingale. The Fae Towers are pivotal points of progression, and reward you with an important crafting component. In order to complete a Fae Tower you will need to ensure you’re properly prepared. You will be faced with a few challenges that may include combat, agility challenges, or intellect puzzles.

Once you enter an Antiquarian realm or beyond for the first time you will notice there’s not many points of interest viewable on your map. However, once you complete the Fae Tower located in that realm every point of interest in the realm will be visible.

This is very important because this will then allow you to quickly and easily locate the challenges within the realm you wish to complete. In order to enter the tower you simply need to walk around it and a large opening will appear on one side.

Nightingale Fae Tower


Before you enter a new realm and take on one of the Fae Towers it’s important to be prepared. Here’s a quick checklist of things to be conscientious of prior to taking on the challenge.

  • Ensure you are well rested. If you encounter and agility challenge you will need plenty of stamina. This will also help you greatly in combat.
  • Pack a climbing axe. This can help you quite a lot with some of the agility challenges that you might face.
  • Make sure you have your umbrella. This will also help with some of the agility challenges. There’s also often areas within the tower that you could fall from. Having the umbrella handy will help prevent you from taking fall damage potentially ending in disaster.
  • Make sure you have plenty of healing salves and / or healing potions.
  • Pack a variety of weapons. Different enemies have different weaknesses. Having a variety of weapons can help you exploit those weaknesses.

Fae Tower Challenges

Every Fae Tower consists of 3 floors. Floors 1 and 3 are combat trials, and floor 2 is either a maze, agility puzzle, or intellect puzzle that you must complete. Once the puzzle is complete a door will open and you can progress to floor 3, the final floor.

Floor 1

Upon entering the tower you will be immediately thrust into battle. Here you will be fighting a variety of bound enemies. The difficulty will be based on your current realm, modified with any difficulty settings you applied when creating the realm. The enemies you farce could consist of ranged enemies, melee fighters, and mages. You will need to successfully defeat all of them in order to progress to floor 2.

Be aware of the red glowing traps on the floor. Do not stand near them for too long or they will explode and deal a decent amount of damage to you.

Nightingale Fae Tower Guide

Floor 2 – Bastille of Intellect

On the second floor you will be faced with a non combat challenge. Here you could encounter a maze, memory nodes, or an agility challenge. Whichever challenge you face will be random, and not all the challenges within a category are the same. Meaning, the room might be different depending on your procedural generation of your realm.

Memory Nodes

One of the challenges could be a memory node challenge. If you enter the room and see some crystals that blink blue in a sequence this means you’re in a memory node room. In order to complete this challenge you will need to take a few moments to memorize the pattern the nodes are blinking.

They will blink blue in a specific sequence and then all of them will turn red again. You will need to make your way to the first node that blinked and interact with it. Once you do this the nodes will not blink again and you must remember which node to go to next.

Sometimes, this will require you to climb on platforms or ledges to get to the node to activate it. Once you have successfully interacted with all the nodes in a sequence you can then interact with the final mechanism in the middle of the room to open the door to the 3rd floor.

Nightingale Fae Tower Guide
Nightingale Fae Tower Guide


If you find yourself in a maze, stick to the left hand side at all times. If you never take you left hand off the side of a wall when entering a maze you should always be able to find either the exit or end up back where you started. This is a good method of not getting lost in a maze.

The maze’s are typically not very big and you need to be on the lookout for traps and dead ends in order to successfully complete the maze.

Agility Challenge

Sometimes you will encounter an agility challenge. This is a series of platforms, walls you must climb, or jumps you’ll need to make. You will need to determine where the path to take to make to the puzzle core at the end. This is where your climbing axe and umbrella will really come in handy. Each challenge is different. In this challenge you will want to keep a close eye on your stamina and time your jumps accordingly.

You will also sometimes see some blue glowing circles on the ground. These circles will launch you into the air and are utilized to make it certain platforms.

Floor 3 – The Final Floor

Once you reach the final floor you will again be met with a combat challenge. This is much like the first floor but a bit more difficult. Make sure you don’t back yourself into a corner or get trapped by too many enemies at once. Also be aware of the ranged enemies. The can be deadly if you’re not paying attention.

Once you defeat all the enemies you will then be able to open the chest located on the floor. This chest will reward you with a Synchronous Lotus. You should also be able to access the essence bundle as a reward, and you will unlock the Realmic Transmuter at the top of the tower. This will allow you to play minor cards in this realm.

Once you complete the Fae Tower you can then open your map to see all the points of interest the realm has to offer.

Nightingale Fae Tower Guide

Synchronous Lotus

Completing the Fae Towers in Nightingale is the only way to obtain a Synchronous Lotus. This is an important crafting material. You will have to have one in order to craft a portal of your own. If you build you base away from the realm portal, this will prevent you from having to travel across the map in your Abeyance Realm each time you wish to utilize the portal.

This will also allow you to maintain access to certain realms if you so choose.

Synchronous Lotus Nightingale