What is Nightingale

Nightingale is a shared world survival game. It takes place in an alt-history Victorian era. Human beings discovered magic and began exploring strange new realms through the use of portals. However, you become trapped in a distant realm filled will magic and monsters and must figure out how to survive. Chop trees, mine boulders, build an estate, and hunt for food.

Nightingale plans to support up to 10-player co-op in a single game. It’s planned to launch into early access in late 2022.

Nightingale game portal

Nightingale Realm Cards

In Nightingale you will be able to open portals to many different realms. The Summer Games Fest has shown us how that’s going to be possible. Players will use Nightingale Realm Cards to open the portals. You will need to survive long enough in your current realm to be able to do so.

Players will have acquire rare materials to craft the realm cards. Then, you will use the cards to re-activate a dormant portal to new worlds. The world you open depends on the type of card you craft. You may be able to visit a arctic biome, swampy land, desert, or meadow.

You will want to travel between realms for the new resources they offer. Players will want these resources to craft their estate and improve your gear. You will need to be careful though, because each realm is filled with it’s fair share of danger.

Based on the information in the trailer it seems like there will be hunger and fatigue mechanics. There also appears to be weather effects that play a part in how your character will perform.

Nightingale – Official Gameplay Trailer | Summer Game Fest and Transcript

Below is the transcript from the Nightingale Game Official Summer Fest game trailer.

You’re alone in the realms I’m afraid. The portals are a mess. Not even sure if Nightingale made it given how fragile you humans are. I’d say that staying fed, dry, and rested should be your priority. If the portal arch is inactive you’ll need to make realm cards from rare resources. Once you have realm cards you can activate the portal void. Be ready with your axe pick if these shadows have offended. Think but this and all is mended.

You can check out the full trailer below.

Nightingale – Official Gameplay Trailer | Summer Game Fest