Welcome to our Diablo 4 Druid beginners guide!  Interested in summoning tornadoes, big rocks to pulverize your enemies or shapeshifting?  Then Druid is the Diablo IV class for you! In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the Druid including the Druid’s Skill, available Equipment, and more.  


  • Very flexible and versatile
  • One of the best survivability toolsets
  • Crowd control through stuns etc.
  • Great in groups with a lot of debuffs


  • Slower start than other classes
  • Higher difficulty than other classes
  • Resource management can be tough


The Druid uses spirit to fuel their attacks, using generators to gain spirit and spenders to deliver damage to their opponents, managing your resource is a key aspect to playing the Druid successfully.


The druid uses a few different weapons, here are your options:

  • One-handed Weapons
  • Two-handed Weapons
  • Staves
  • Totems (offhand)

With the options of melee or caster, as a Druid you choose your weapons accordingly, one or two-handed weapons for melee combat and one-handed + totem or staves for casting magic.

Equipment Slots

Below is a list compiling the item slots available to your druid:

  • One-handed Weapon + Totem
  • Two-handed weapon
  • Head
  • Chest
  • Hands
  • Legs
  • Feet
  • Amulet
  • Ring 1
  • Ring 2

When you first begin the journey as a Druid, picking up everything that gives you an upgrade is the best way to progress. Later on you will want to start filtering out the “good/bad” items. 


Below we give a you a rundown on the stats, the Druid gains different benefits from the Core Stats below and as such are a important part of creating a powerful Druid:

Core Stats

  • Intelligence – 1 = 0.1% Resource Generation
  • Willpower – 1 = 0.1% Skill Damage
  • Dexterity – 1 = 0.02% Critical Strike Chance

Offensive Stats

The stats you choose as a Druid are very dependent on the style you choose, be it a shapeshifting Werebear/Werewolf or a caster that stands back from a distance. Some stats are always good and benefit both playstyles:

  • Critical Strike Chance
  • Critical Strike Damage
  • Other Stats that are build dependent

Defensive Stats

Much like the Class-Specific stat benefits you can receive, your Core Stats also assist your base defensive stats. However, this applies the same to all classes:

  • Strength – +1 Armor per Stat
  • Intelligence – +0.05% All Resistance per point
  • Willpower – 0.1% Healing Received and 0.25% Overpower damage per point
  • Dexterity – 0.025% Dodge Chance per point

To see more options for your Druid such as Utility Stats, PvP stats and more Defensive stats such as elemental resistances – check out our full Stats Guide!

Class Skill Groups

Diablo 4 does a great job of grouping sets of Skills to show their synergies and playstyle mechanics. Druid has the following groups:

  • Basic – Spirit generating abilities
  • Core – Abilities that consume Spirit to deal damage
  • Defensive – Abilities such as shields, buffs and debuffs
  • Companion – These abilities allow us to summon allies to fight beside us
  • Wrath – Nature abilities dealing high amounts of damage
  • Ultimate – the more powerful attacks you have access to, as a result, they have longer cooldowns

Skills are also grouped into four key aspects:

  • Earth
  • Storm
  • Werebear
  • Werewolf

For beginners and leveling, we suggest the following skills: 

  • Wind Shear – Resource generator and spam-able skill
  • Landslide – Crush your foes in between rocks for a small but painful AoE
  • Cyclone Armor – Provide yourself with an extra layer of protection against attacks
  • Earthen Bulwark – Gain unstoppable and a shield for 3 seconds
  • Vine Creeper – Companion that passively damages enemies and when activated grants entangle and poison to enemies.

Class Mechanic – Spirit Animals

The class mechanic for Druid is called “Spirit Animals” and even though not part of the previous beta, the developers of Diablo 4 have shared what the mechanic is.  Here is a quick overview: 

There are 4 Spirit Animals from which to choose, Snake, Hawk, Deer and Wolf. Each of them will require 100 Spirit Offerings to unlock their passive bonuses known as  “boons”, Spirit Offerings can be found by defeating mobs of that type. 

After unlocking the Spirit Animal of choice you now get granted one of their four boons, the remaining boons will be unlocked at specific level intervals. 

When all four Spirit Animals are unlocked you get to choose 2 boons from one Spirit Animal and 1 boon from the remaining 3 Spirit Animals, giving you a total of 5 granted bonuses. 

Because we have not been able to test the boons there is no further info, but this will make the Druid even stronger then it was before!


Aspects are legendary powers that can be extracted or also imprinted onto items. You can grab these Aspects through dungeons, the Codex of Power, and finding Legendary items. We will also update this section in the very near future with all currently known Aspects for the Druid!

Druid Builds

Diablo 4 Druid Beginners Guide Conclusion

Thank you for checking out our Diablo 4 Druid Beginners Guide! After launch we plan on providing a more in-depth build for every class so check back for more! Good luck on your Druid adventures! For more Diablo 4 content, click here.