Welcome to our Silo Longshot Build Guide. In this build, we pair Silo with his signature weapon, Longshot, to act as a front line bruiser with great damage output that is paired with fantastic survivability and defensiveness.

Weapon – Longshot

We will be using Silo’s signature weapon Longshot. His weapon ability Dead Eye will synergize very well with his passive Strategic Advantage. As long as there is a debuff on the target this can be used to maximize critical hit damage output. It should be prioritized when there are several enemies that can be hit, or for single-target burst damage. This can also potentially overlap with Eagle Eye shots coming from his Marksman Passive, allowing for more burst damage.

Weapon AbilityDead Eye – 3 Deadeye Weakspots appear on every enemy in range. Hitting these weak spots result in high damage and guaranteed critical hits.

Key Passive

Strategic Advantage – When either Silo or his allies apply a debuff to a target it will increase his DPS. Many of Silo’s abilities will apply a debuff, but it will be important to be cognizant of your cooldowns so that you can maximize uptime.

Skill Progression

Below is the Progress in which to apply your Skill points as you level up. The objective is to prioritize Oil Bomb as this will give a massive damage boost. Not only will it apply more direct damage and damage over time, its final upgrade will give increased Critical Hit Chance. This will synergize well with our passive Strategic Advantage because Oil Bomb will apply a debuff and increase damage dealt to the target.

Your build will then be defined by your Fire Bomb and Proto-Clone needs and preferences. Fire Bomb will give direct damage output. Proto-Clone will provide utility, break damage, and potential burst.

General Build

  • Fire Bomb 1
  • Oil Bomb 1
  • Oil Bomb 2
  • Oil Bomb 3
  • Proto-Clone 1
  • Proto-Clone 2
  • Arc Nemesis 1

*Note: It will most likely be worthwhile to take Fire Bomb 2 and Fire Bomb 3 if the break damage is not needed from Proto-Clone 2. It is never worthwhile to take just Proto-Clone 1. Alternatively, you can just take Arc Nemesis 2 and Arc Nemesis 3.

Proto-Clone Damage/Utility Build

  • Oil Bomb 1
  • Oil Bomb 2
  • Oil Bomb 3
  • Proto-Clone 1
  • Proto-Clone 2
  • Proto-Clone 3
  • Arc Nemesis 1

Fire Bomb Damage Build

  • Fire Bomb 1
  • Oil Bomb 1
  • Oil Bomb 2
  • Oil Bomb 3
  • Fire Bomb 2
  • Fire Bomb 3
  • Arc Nemesis 1

Attribute Priority

  • Attack Power > Ability Power > Resilience > Mag Defense = Phys Defense > Max Health


For this build, we will prioritize Attack Power as this will be the most significant contribution to our damage output. Silo will have access to passive damage boosts through Dead Eye and Eagle Eye, which will deal high amounts of damage. It is important to capitalize on that as his abilities will not be the main damage contributors, but will be important for AoE damage and debuffs. You can still take some Ability Power for damage output to scale Fire Bomb, Proto-Clone explosions, and Arc Nemesis.


Since Silo can play at a range with this build it is not necessary to prioritize defensive stats. This is also because of how much innate utility he has from his abilities. Proto-Clone can be used to distract enemies and buy time, it also gives some mobility in a pinch. Oil Bomb will immobilize targets and let Silo kite large packs of enemies. Silo‘s priority will be dealing as much damage as he can and being elusive. Do your best to dodge incoming attacks and take advantage of ranged combat.



For more information on the Wayfinder Affinity system please reference our Affinity Guide.



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Weapon Mastery


For more information on Weapon Mastery, please reference our Weapon Mastery Guide.

How to Play the Silo Longshot Build


To play Silo as a DPS it will heavily rely on taking advantage of debuffs and using Strategic Advantage to increase our overall DPS. You also must focus on hitting Dead Eye and Eagle Eye targets quickly during debuff windows so they are not wasted and fully empowered.

The most important piece of Silo DPS is Oil Bomb. This will provide an increased critical hit chance buff with its third upgrade and will synergize with Fire Bomb by creating an explosion. Throw this on large groups of clumped enemies or single-target boss encounters.

It is also crucial to maximize burning uptime with Fire Bomb. This ability will have 2 charges, so make sure that you always have a stack of your burn rolling. It is important that you never allow this ability to sit at full charge, always have one on cooldown. You should always try to throw Oil Bomb before using this ability.

It is best to take advantage of his abilities for AOE combat. All of your abilities will have some form of AOE output.

Ability Priority List

  • Use Oil Bomb to apply a debuff, CC targets, and receive increased Critical Hit Damage.
  • Throw Fire Bomb to apply DOT and deal burst damage. NOTE: Do not throw two in a row. Maintain your DOT as long as you can.
  • Use Arc Nemesis for burst damage or AOE. (This will apply its own debuff, but try to stack with Oil Bomb)
  • Use Dead Eye in combination with Oil Bomb.
  • (If taken) Use Proto-Clone if close to the target and detonate it for burst damage or Part Break.
  • Shoot the target and take advantage of any Eagle Eye targets that pop up.

Group Utility

Proto-Clone can be used to peel for Silo and distract incoming enemies in order to buy time. It will also taunt enemies off of more squishy allies, such as Niss, Kyros, or Venomess. Generally, these Wayfinders will offer more burst damage or group utility, so it is important to keep them alive. It may be beneficial to use this ability to help your group, rather than helping yourself. It will also deal Break Damage as long as you have Proto-Clone 2.

Oil Bomb is fantastic for large groups of enemies. This will not just slow them, but effectively stun them in place for a moment which will allow you to easily kite. While this is needed to increase damage, it can be beneficial to use it for its utility.

Arc Nemesis is important for its damage, specifically its AOE. But, it will also apply a slow. This means you can use it similarly to Oil Bomb if you need to kite large groups.


With this build Silo will tend to be more squishy. It is important to be aware and use any mobility he has to your advantage. Avoid incoming attacks and mechanics with his dodge or subtle mobility like Proto-Clone. Additionally, while Proto-Clone can be a damage cooldown, it is important to keep this available for your own survivability. Remember, a dead DPS does no DPS.

It will generally be more advantageous to focus on increasing damage rather than focusing on survivability as long as you are confident in your ab


That concludes our Silo Longshot Build. For more on Silo, be sure to check out our Silo Beginner Guide.