Welcome to our Senja Colossus Build Guide. In this build, we pair Senja with her signature weapon, Colossus, to act as a front line bruiser with great damage output that is paired with fantastic survivability and defensiveness.

Weapon – Colossus

We will be using Senja‘s signature weapon Colossus. This will allow for us to amplify her abilities, such as Gladiator Pummel or even using Gladiator Slice a second time for increased damage output if nothing else is available. This weapon will be core to our rotational priorities as it will be an effective DPS increase when at high stacks of our passive, Crowd Favorite, which will increase our Attack Damage and Ability Power.

Weapon AbilityGladiator Slice – Performs a quick melee attack that buffs the next ability. Using Gladiator Slice again will perform an Empowered Gladiator Slice, dealing additional damage, up to 2 times.

Key Passive

Crowd FavoriteSenja‘s abilities will generate her passive. This is a tiered bar that increases damage output and reduces damage taken as you reach each tier. The goal is to keep her bar filled and maintained as high as possible at all times.

Skill Progression

Below is the Progress in which to apply your Skill points as you level up. The objective is to maximize our Crowd Favorite passive generation to have the most damage output and reduction possible.

  • Gladiator Pummel 1
  • Gladiator Pummel 2
  • Gain Favor 1
  • Gain Favor 2
  • Gladiator Pummel 3
  • Gain Favor 3
  • Grand Finale 1

Attribute Priority

  • Attack Power > Max Health > Resilience > Ability Power > Mag Defense = Phys Defense


For this build, we will prioritize Attack Power as this will be the most significant contribution to our damage output. Senja will have many passive boosts to her Weapon Power due to her being a Warmaster. As such, it is important to capitalize on that even further as her abilities will not be where the majority of her damage comes from. Between light and heavy attacks being chained with Momentum, and her Weapon Abilities, these will scale with Attack Power and be her best offensive option. You can still take some Ability Power for damage output to scale her Gladiator Pummel, Grand Finale, and Lightning Grasp, but it will be significantly less beneficial for overall output and it may be best to take defensive options.


Defense is a top priority for Senja. We do have some mobility, but it will be very limited, and we need to ensure we have enough defense to take a few hits. Fortunately, Crowd Favorite will also give overall Damage Reduction. Senja needs to be played properly and maintain high Crowd Favorite so that we can focus on increasing her Max Health pool, or Resilience so that we have further Damage Reduction and are immune to Staggers. The only reason Max Health is prioritized more than Resilience is because as a Warmaster Senja will gain access to a Dodge Roll that will provide bursts of Resilience anytime she Dodge Rolls. Phys and Mag Defense help us remain in the fight and mitigate damage, but again, if we can maintain Crowd Favorite and Resilience, this will not be as necessary.



For more information on the Wayfinder Affinity system please reference our Affinity Guide.



For more information on Echoes, please reference our Echoes Guide.

Weapon Mastery


When determining the best path for Weapon Master, please reference our Weapon Mastery Guide.

How to Play the Senja Colossus Build


In order to play Senja as a DPS it all rests upon being able to generate and maintain Crowd Favorite. This will involve taking advantage of every opportunity to generate stacks and ensure the lowest amount of downtime possible. You will heavily rely on Weapon Abilities, light, and heavy attacks. It is best to use Gain Favor preemptively and on cooldown for its buffs. Gladiator Pummel and Grand Finale should be used to maintain Crowd Favorite. Grand Finale should only be used when your Crowd Favorite bar is empty to ensure it is not being wasted. While it is a great DPS cooldown for burst, it is also fundamental to Senja‘s gameplay flow and rotation for Crowd Favorite generation. Lightning Grasp can be used for ranged damage or to clump up enemies for AOE damage.

Ability Priority List

  • Use Gain Favor before entering the fight to generate Crowd Favorite, additional Attack Damage, and Ability Power (NOTE: Also use this ability whenever it is available and you are in a safe position. Do not just use it as a Taunt, this will waste its value as a DPS. It is a very strong DPS cooldown).
  • Gladiator Pummel should be used to start any fight. This will be used after Gain Favor and will be your initial max Crowd Favorite generator. You will have multiple stacks of this ability, so use them to maintain maximum stacks on your initial burst window.
  • Use Gladiator Slice when available and prioritize using it a second time for its empowered benefit.
  • Let your Crowd Favorite bar reach complete Zero and be empty. During this time only use Gladiator Pummel if you are about to cap out and hit 3 stacks, you should never have 3 stacks available. Do not use Gain Favor in this initial window. Once empty, use Grand Finale to fully regenerate Crowd Favorite and deal great burst damage (Grand Finale can be used earlier depending on fight length or if your group needs burst damage. Shoot to use this 2 times at least in a fight.)
  • Use your weapon ability–Gladiator Slice. Prioritize using Gladiator Slice a second time to receive the empowered benefit.
  • Maintain the ability loop of having 2 burst windows at Maximum Crowd Favorite. The first loop is built by just Gain Favor and Gladiator Pummel, while the second will introduce Grand Finale to act as your builder.
  • Lightning Grasp is generally a utility ability, but can be used if you need ranged damage or to pull enemies for an encounter’s mechanic.

Group Utility

Gain Favor will be our primarily group utility ability. This is crucial for maintaining high overall individual DPS, but it will also provide incredible group benefits. No matter what, it will buff Senja and her group, so keep this in mind for coordinated burst windows. It can be used to taunt enemies off of more squishy allies, such as Niss, Kyros, Silo, or Venomess. Generally, these Wayfinders will offer more burst damage or group utility, so it is important to keep them alive. It may be beneficial to use this ability to help your group, rather than helping yourself.

Lightning Grasp is a unique ability that can deal a quick burst of damage. It can be great for grouping up enemies to coordinate AOE burst. It can also be used to peel for your allies and pull enemies off of them.


Senja is an innately defensive Wayfinder thanks to her passive. This allows for guaranteed damage reduction, which emphasizes the importance of Maximum Health and Resilience. She does not have much mobility, but she is a Warmaster so she will be able to dodge. She will have more stamina, and be able to provide small bursts of Resilience to help refill her bar. Overall, Senja‘s survivability and damage output rest upon Crowd Favorite.


That concludes our Senja Colossus Build. For more on Senja, be sure to check out our Senja Beginner Guide.