Just like in any MMO, knowing how to make gold and silver in Lost Ark is crucial. The game has multiple currencies and a fairly in-depth system. However today, we’ll first cover the two base currencies: silver and gold. 

As you might expect, these currencies are very important in Lost Ark. Both have different uses, but are two of the most important currencies. Let’s take a look at how they work and how to earn in-game money in Lost Ark.

What Is Lost Ark’s Silver and Gold?

Silver and gold are the two base currencies in Lost Ark. They cover most of the basic things in the game and are the two you’ll run into the most. Overall there are over a multiple currencies and you can learn more about them in our currencies guide

First up is Silver. This is a silver coin that is the NPC standard currency. This drops from monsters, rewards from quests and dungeons, and the Gold Exchange NPCs. 

Silver is most common for trading and interacting with NPCs (Faceting, Refaceting, and more). This means buying services like Ability Stone Faceting, Gem Refaceting, and much more. Additionally, silver is a Roster currency. Meaning you can’t trade it to other players, but can use it on all your characters on your server.

Gold, meanwhile, is the trading currency. You can trade with other players on the Auction House and plays a vital role in the game (Upgrading Gear). You can earn Gold by completing certain events and dungeons, or simply selling items on the Auction House (Hopefully). Finally, you can purchase it with real money using the Royal Crystal conversion.

Best Ways to Make Silver and Gold

Earning the two base currencies will be on everyone’s mind. It’s vital to have enough of both to purchase everything your character needs and both are very obtainable. However, both also include a bit of a grind, unless you’re willing to spend real money on gold. 

Lost Ark How to Make Silver

There are a few ways to earn silver and most of them are straightforward. Here’s a list of things you can do to earn silver in Lost Ark:

  • Killing Monsters
  • Completing Una Tasks (Dailies)
  • Finishing Chaos Dungeons
  • Completing Cube Dungeons
  • Trading Gold at the exchange NPC
  • Trading in Bloodstones at your Guild Shop
  • Level an alt character (Quests)
lost ark how to make gold - Gold Exchange
Gold Shop; Where you can convert Gold into Silver

Whichever mode you choose is up to you and all of them are fairly profitable. Cube dungeons are one of the most efficient ways. However is limited by entry tickets. Whatever you pick to do, it’s always good to shake things up so you don’t get bored!

Lost Ark How To Make Gold

Like silver, there are also multiple ways to earn gold. However, the currency is rarer, so a lot of these are timed events, or dungeons and raids that you can only do a certain amount of times a week. Here’s a list of things you can do to earn gold in Lost Ark: 

  • Daily Chaos Dungeon
  • Completing Raids (In your current Tier)
  • Exchanging Una’s Tokens (Reward from Dailies/Weeklies)
  • Completing Island Events
  • Achievements
  • Trading & Auction House
  • Converting Royal Crystals into Gold (Real Money)
  • Buying MTX Items and Selling on the AH
How to make gold in Lost Ark - Auction House
Auction House – Selling Ancient Relics from Trade Skills

There may seem like a ton of ways to earn gold, however, a lot of these are time-locked. For example, you can only do Chaos Dungeons twice a day with a chance for a gold portal. Additionally, the raid limit is once a each week. The same goes for daily and weekly quests, as well as Island Events (Time lock).

Personally I have found that selling Honing Materials to be the most profitable gold making. Additionally, this method of gold making will only last a short time as new players are reaching Tier 3 content the longer the game is out.

At the end of the day, you should attempt to do as many of these as possible, whenever they are available to do. Gold is a crucial currency and you’ll want to do all you can to earn as much as possible! Having alts will come in handy as gold is account bound, and having alts means you can do multiple dungeons, raids, and quests a week after completing them on another character.