Weapons in Wayfinder have an identity in and of themselves, and fall into one of two categories, a signature weapon or a regular weapon.

Weapons can gain experience and power and can be improved the more you use them. You can even prestige your favorite weapons to keep the progression going for as long as you wish to use that particular weapon.

In Wayfinder weapons are crafted using various components that are found during your adventures. The weapon itself will not drop from monsters or bosses. However, the components to craft specific weapons will.

Any weapon in the game can be equipped by any character in the game vastly changing the playstyle of that character. However, there are trade offs that come with using different weapon types.

Wayfinder Weapons

Categories of Wayfinder Weapons & Diversity

There are currently five different categories of weapons in Wayfinder:

  • Dual Wield Daggers
  • Rifles
  • Swords and Shields
  • Two Handed Weapons (Greatswords, Axes, Maces, Scythe)
  • Bows (Coming soon)

In Wayfinder there is not an infinite amount of variability with weapons. Every weapon in the game is named, and comes with a set unique ability that no other weapon can possess. However, there is a range of rarity that they can be crafted in. The higher the rarity, the more powerful the weapon. Each weapon can be leveled up and increase it’s power.

Regular Weapons

Regular weapons are weapons that are not bound thematically to any character via the lore. As mentioned above, every weapon in Wayfinder is named, including the regular weapons.

For example, there are multiple variants of a 2-handed axe. You could use the Bonebreaker, Dragon’s Claw, Golem’s Heart, Eye of Stone, or a different named axe. Each one of the named weapons will have completely different stats and abilities.

For example, Bonebreaker has a unique ability called Shatter. Shatter is a strong overhead spinning slam. A direct hit will sunder the target reducing their physical defense for a duration. Each of the other axe’s will also have associated abilities but they will be unique to that weapon, giving each weapon a unique playstyle.

bonebreaker wayfinder

Signature Weapons

A signature weapon is a Wayfinder’s preferred weapon. These weapons tie in to the character’s lore, and fit in well with their overall kit.

There’s currently 5 different Wayfinders in the game with more coming soon. Each of the Wayfinder has a signature weapon all of the currently known signature weapons are listed below:

WayfinderWeapon IconSignature WeaponWeapon Ability
Wingravebastion wayfinderBastionPower Bash: Shield bash to do massive Impact and Guard Break damage.
Silolongshot wayfinderLongshotDead Eye: 3 Deadeye Weakspots appear on every enemy in range. Hitting these weak spots result in high damage and guaranteed crits.
NissNight’s EdgeDaggerfall: Forms multiple magical daggers that float around the player and fire towards enemies as attacks when enemies come within range.
SenjaColossus WayfinderColossusGladiator Slice: Performs a quick Melee attack that buffs the next ability. Using Gladiator Slice again, will perform an Empowered Gladiator Slice, dealing additional damage, up to 2 times.
KyrosEpitaph WayfinderEpitaphArcane Harvest: A spinning slash that deals damage in a 360-degree arc and steals Ability Power from enemies. Increases the player’s Ability Power per enemy hit.
VenomessNightshadeNightshade Wyvern’s Fury: Reloads the rifle with an empowered clip. During this clip, the weapon is fully automatic and every bullet is infused to apply a stack of Poison on hit. Poison deals a small amount of damage over six seconds, stacking up to 20 times.

Any character can equip and use and signature weapon. However, there will be choices and tradeoffs (more information about those choices when we learn what they may be. They are unannounced at this time.) It is suggested that they will be best utilized by their respective Wayfinder, and there could be proficiency bonuses tied to them.

How to Craft Weapons

In Wayfinder, all weapons and gear must be crafted. They do not drop from any mob or boss, but their components do.

You would need to farm the components needed for a specific weapon and then head into town to craft it. You can craft weapons at different rarities. Crafting a weapon at a higher rarity won’t change the ability, but will increase the power and stats on the weapon.

You can also see our database for a list of all available weapons in Wayfinder and how to craft them.

Weapon Use

Any Wayfinder can equip and use any weapon in the game. Weapons will operate the same in any of the Wayfinders’ hands. This means that the basic attack animations will be the same for that particular weapon regardless of which Wayfinder is wielding it.

The attack animations are tied to the weapon and not the character.

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